6 Top Trekking Places in The World

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When it comes to an inspiration of where to enjoy an authentic trekking adventure in the world, you may think about roaming mountains, scenic volcanic trek trails or some coastal hikes. Here are some suggestions of where to place your life changing trekking experience. Get inspired by the 6 top trekking places in the world:

Kilimanjaro, Northern Tanzania

Kilimanjaro, Northern Tanzania

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The call of Kilimanjaro comes from the fact that it is the Africa’s highest peak. There are 6 routes to choose; starting from 49km to 65km, giving you time to embrace the mountain vista and snowy peaks. The Kilimanjaro challenge means sweat, tears and altitude variation from day to day.
Every year, the mountain still attract thousands of thrill seekers all over the world.

Tour du Mont Blanc, France – Switzerland

Tour du Mont Blanc, France - Switzerland

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Undoubtedly, Mont Blanc is one of the premier destination for summer vacation trekkers who are eager to experience Europe`s highest peak. Imagine yourself stretching along the hills on the elevation of 4,810m and encounter the wildest parts of France, learning so much about Alpine charm, staying at the rustic huts and delve into the extravagant landscapes on a world class trek trail which is 170km long.

Inca Trail, Peru

Inca Trail, Peru

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The iconic adventure of Peru, the Inca is not only about the trek, it is a hauntingly beautiful journey which allows you to travel back to the past where the Andes civilization was at its splendor.
The Incan trail includes many scenic parts : orchid old forest, ancient stone paths, the famous 4,200m “ Dead woman’s’ pass” , sweeping terraces and the best compensation for all is probably HuinayHuayna.
Since Chile government limited the number of visitor to 500 people/ day, registering your trip far in advance is compulsory.

Sentierodegli Dei, Italia

Sentierodegli Dei, Italia

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Known as the Path of the Gods, this gentle trail mesmerizes you by the incredible ocean view at every turn. From the little steps to climb up till the time you descend to Positano beach, SentieroDeglidei exposes the ancient culture, local cultivation, and artful houses which boast very fine local architect.
Conclude your trek after 4 hours traversing the rock, forest and village by a plunge into the azure waters of Italia coast would be a lifetime experience !

Hkakabo Razi, Myanmar

Hkakabo Razi, Myanmar

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This less known mountain is located in the far north area of Myanmar offering some of the most challenging experience even for the most intrepid adventurers. There are up to 20 trails for hill tribe treks while chances to access the snowcapped peak of Hkakabo Razi is limited and requires true effort and crew support.

The area is stunning with a cascading river, stunning valleys and tranquil villages.

To conquer Hkakabo Razi, a certain preparation is a must. All the best equipment like tent, trekking gears should be carried and importantly, it is possible to place the trek in summer yet the flight is not so frequent. The best is to browse customized Myanmar Tours who specialize in the trekking adventure in the area.

Mountain Batur, Indonesia

Mountain Batur, Indonesia

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Batur is home to an exceptional trek trail to capture the volcano highlights. Lying at 1717m above the sea, the trek varies from 3 hours to 2 days and it is simply the best way to behold the breathtaking sunrise in Bali island. Some portion of the trek also allows you to delve into te local culture and sampling typical Indonesia cuisine.

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