6 Ways That Will Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

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6 Ways That Will Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

Relationships are not easy, and it doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. Both partners have to make some effort to make it work, but that’s the beauty of it – all these things bring two people closer together. Healthy and strong relationship make people happier, less stressed out, and more energetic, all of which are important factors for every aspect of your life including productivity at work. Taking a relationship to the next level is incredibly rewarding and quite simple. Below are six useful things everyone can do to connect with their significant other. Here are 6 ways that will take your relationship to the next level:

1. Limit Smartphone use

We are so glued to our smart phones that we disconnect from the surroundings entirely. These devices allow us to use all sorts of apps, chat with other people, and establish a strong social media presence. As a result, the use of Facebook (or other apps) increases while the connection with partner decreases significantly.

A recent study linked social media use to reduced marital satisfaction. This study polled 1160 married couples and discovered a negative association between relationship happiness and social media use. In fact, at the state-level Facebook penetration is strongly linked to increasing divorce rates.

Social media websites have become a place where people share their frustrations with partners, which is a major blow to a relationship as well. Not to mention, people feel offended when their loved one choose to spend more time checking notifications or chatting than doing something nice for them.

Therefore, to give the relationship a boost it deserves and take it to another level, limit Smartphone use and be more present, don’t be glued to the phone all the time.

2.  Admit being reactive

Couples argue it is impossible to be in a relationship where two people get along all the time. Discussions and arguments are a normal part of some relationships. Healthy and happy couples resolve their issues adequately, through communication. Although we know this, it doesn’t stop us from being reactive when the other person mentions something we don’t like or agree with. A subtle remark is considered as a huge insult on our personality, and that’s when we get reactive.

To take the relationship to the next level, one should admit being reactive and be more proactive. Take a few deep breaths, count to 10, and relax. Everything can be discussed in a civilized manner without drama. What’s more, before reacting to something, take a few moments to think what it really means from the other person’s perspective.

3. Mention a funny moment from the past

Every couple has a bunch of funny memories and moments filled with laughter. Mention these funny moments for instant emotional closeness with the partner. A study of the Motivation and Emotion discovered couples that remembered laughing together experienced better relationship satisfaction than those who remembered positive experience but not necessarily funny. This just goes to show that laughing is, indeed, a cure for everything. Remembering a funny moment from the past allows a couple to relive it again, thus strengthening their bond.

4. Experiment in sex

To take the relationship to the next level, we have numerous options at our disposal. While most methods revolve around honest conversations, keeping emotions in check, and other non-sexual factors, let’s not forget the importance of healthy sex life.

As the relationship grows and time passes by, a couple’s sex life becomes more monotonous, robotic, and sometimes boring. This is yet another way to feel disconnected and unappreciated. To avoid this, dare to experiment in sex, try different positions, have sex at different places, use sex toys, engage in oral sex and sensual massages. All these things help rekindle the spark, improve intimacy, and stimulate the relationship.

Let’s not forget different products we can use nowadays to improve sex life. Lubricants, vibrating rings, supplements; you name it. Dietary supplements are particularly popular nowadays. They are made of natural ingredients and deliver sexual enhancement without side effects. Just make sure to purchase a product with positive reviews and customer experiences. For instance, Virectin reviews are positive and perfectly depict everything the brand stands for.

5. Say “thank you.”

Thank you, those two small words mean a lot. One common problem in longer relationships is that we start taking our partners for granted. You love him/her, the other person loves you, and it is logical assume they’re not going anywhere. Although this feeling of security is good for couples, it’s easy to fall off the track and fail to recognize all the good things someone is doing.

Too often, couples forget to thank each other for little things they do, assuming the other person knows how thankful they are. In relationships, expressing gratitude is important, those two words can make someone’s day. Hearing “thank you” is a sign of appreciation, respect, both of which are necessary for deeper connection between two people.

6. Don’t hold grudges

Holding grudges is never a good thing, particularly in relationships. Even though we think it is our right to hold grudges if a significant other did something unfair. This type of behaviour only leads to emotional disconnection from the other person. At the end of the day, you are the one who suffers due to tremendous stress and anxiety.

Instead of holding grudges, resolve the problem properly and learn to let things go. Not everything is under our control, and that is perfectly okay. Release, don’t dwell on things from the past to feel more peaceful and serene.


A strong and healthy relationship requires some effort from both sides. Remember, work and effort always pay off. To take the relationship to the next level, it is necessary to compromise, avoid negative behaviours, and communicate with significant other. All these things don’t cost a dime, but they’re incredibly effective.

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