6 ways you’re failing at sex

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6 ways you’re failing at sex

Sometimes it’s the little things that count to graduate from average to a complete sex-goddess. Below are 6 ways you’re failing at sex and sometimes there is just no recovering from them, unless you avoid at all cost the 6 slipups below.

       1. Falling asleep mid-action.

There are only two ways to look at this embarrassing moment.

  • You are extremely tired or bored. Or
  • You are really bad at sex.

        2. The bitter

Biting and scratching are fun and sexy in the heat of the moment, but too much hurts, and nothing ruins the moment than a sharp pain. Get a grip on your inner vampire please!

        3. Loosen the grip

Every man appreciates a tight hold of his manhood but just the right amount. Loosen the grip.

        4. Bodily odours

If your pink bits are going to smell like he’s at the bait & tackle shop, he’s no going to go down anytime soon.

       5. Gag reflex

If you gag easy, not everyone is a sex-goddesses, try to be as quite as you can. Big turn-off, if suddenly it’s all about your gag reflex. There are things you can do to get rid of your gag-reflex.

       6. Sexy underwear

Ugly, granny panties are an instant turn-off.

It’s never too late to step your game up.


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