7 Beautiful Places to Discover in Tasmania

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7 Beautiful Places to Discover in Tasmania

Tasmania may be really far away from the Australian mainland (it wouldn’t be a wonder if you had to change two planes to get there!). But its natural beauties are among the most astonishing ones for those who come to enjoy Australia. It’s absolutely worth the long trip, so once you finally get there, here’s what you mustn’t miss. Do not miss these 7 beautiful places to discover in Tasmania.

1. Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park

It’s almost impossible to beat the view at the end of the hike to the visitor’s platform. If you want a challenge and even better view, try the hike to the top of Mt. Amos. It’s also possible to experience a bird’s eye view if you book a scenic flight. The price is around $175 per person, but the view from the sky is worth much more than that.


2. Mount Wellington

You can take amazing photos from the top of the mountain, no matter if it’s a sunny or a cloudy day. In case the sky is clear, a long hike to the something will be worth the trouble – a beautiful view of Hobart and Southern Tasmania and a perfect spot for a picnic, so don’t forget to take some food and water. If it’s a cloudy day, you won’t be disappointed, either – the surreal feeling of standing above the clouds can’t be compared to anything else.

3. Most scenic secluded bathtub

If you want to experience something completely different and isolate yourself from the rest of the world, there’s no better place for that in Tasmania than accommodation in Thalia Haven on the East Coast. You can rent it to get a complete privacy and the most amazing part of the offer the best scenic bathtub possible – enjoy your bubble bath and fragrance oils while getting lost in the stunning scenery from a great height.


4. Port Arthur

For those who enjoy history and drama, Port Arthur, with its violent stories of a penal colony for Australian convicts will definitely be a treat. It’s close to Hobart, so you can have a day trip there. On your way there, don’t miss the chance to try excellent fish and chips, rabbit and venison pies from the Doo-Lishus food truck at Eaglehawk Neck. When you get to Port Arthur, you’ll have a lot of infamous sightseeing to visit – an asylum, a “silent prison” and the British Empire’s first juvenile prison. The entrance fee includes a walking and a boat tour, and even a ghost tour in the evening!

5. The lavender fields, Bridestowe Estate

In case you are visiting Tasmania in February or late January, you shouldn’t miss the chance to be swept off your feet by lavender fields in the northern part at Bridestowe Estate – the view is truly one of a kind, and you’ll be mesmerized by the pleasant smell spreading across the fields. The important thing is to visit the official website of Bridestowe estate to be sure when the lavender is expected to bloom.

Lavander Tasmania

6. Coles Bay

This location gives you a spectacular view of the Hazards – red and pink granite peaks for as long the eyes can see. Coles Bay is a cute little town with a couple of great cafes and interesting shops – Tombolo Restaurant is the place to go if you want wood-fired pizzas. This town is actually the entrance to the famous Freycinet National Park, also a place that you shouldn’t miss. If the weather is nice, try out kayaking in a place nearby, Honeymoon Bay. You’ll probably want to stay there for a few days to get the chance to admire the park and have peaceful evenings in the town.

Hobart Tasmania

7. Hobart

This old, charming Tasmanian city is the place to be – not just because of its 19th-century restaurants and cafes but also for its vicinity to other important locations in Tasmania. The best option is to find shared accommodation in Hobart and spend your days admiring colonial mansions and cottages around the city, visiting Battery Point and Salamanca and the unmissable MONA museum and then enjoy delicious seafood in the evening. Mount Wellington isn’t too far – its backdrop rises proudly behind the city, while the River Derwent flows right through the heart of Hobart.

Final words

Tasmania is an amazing place to see and it is able to delight anybody who comes here, no matter what their preferences are – whether its nature or the history of this magical island, you will find something just for you and enjoy every minute of it.


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