7 Dangerous Adventure Sports That Will Get Your Heart Racing

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7 Dangerous Adventure Sports That Will Get Your Heart Racing

Everyone knows the human body requires exercise to keep healthy. Sports activities are one of the best contributors to physical exercise. Adventure sports, on the other hand, may not be so great for your health!

Rather than physical exertion, adventure sports will make your heart race from the sheer adrenalin rush it generates. Although the massive rush of adrenaline is beneficial to your cardiovascular health, most of these sports are nothing less than dangerous.

You will require nerves of steel if you want to attempt adventure sports. Some of these sports are so dangerous that you will need a high level of skill to participate. Let’s explore the most extreme and dangerous adventure sports that will get your heart racing.

1. Base Jumping

Base jumping is, without a doubt, the most dangerous adventure sport. The average mortality rate in base jumping is one in every 2317 jumps. The jumping points usually chosen for base jumping are overhanging cliffs, towers, antennas or bridges.

Base Jumping

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The primary difference between base jumping and skydiving is that you only have a short duration before hitting the ground in base jumping. Base jumpers delay the release of the parachute until the last moment to get the ultimate adrenaline rush.

The parachute malfunctioning or failing to release will lead to certain death. The risks involved are what make this sport so deadly, yet so alluring to adrenaline junkies.

2. Wingsuit Flying

Imagine soaring over the sky like a bird. Strapping on a wingsuit that simulates the wings of the bird is made use of in this extreme sport. Wingsuit flyers jump off a perch on top of a hill and glide through the air, avoiding obstacles on the way to the ground.

Wingsuit Flying

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Wingsuit flying needs at least 200 jumps to master all the nuances in flying safely. The wingsuit can reach impressive speeds as you glide through the air effortlessly. Wingsuits are capable of gliding forward 2.5 meters for every meter of descent.

3. Cave Diving

If you like doing adrenaline-pumping activities in the water, then cave diving is the adventure sport for you. Diving into an underwater cave is significantly more dangerous than snorkelling or diving in open waters.

Cave Diving

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The reason being that any equipment failure while diving through an underwater cave will complicate the situation since a straight ascent to the surface is not possible. You will also need to watch out for unpredictable undercurrents inside the cave systems.

The lack of visibility as you progress through an underwater cave and the twisting cave system may leave you disoriented, which is potentially fatal.

4. Highlining

Highlining is a modification of tightrope walking to make it more extreme. This adventure sport requires incredible agility and a sense of balance to perform. Typically, stringing of the rope or Highline is across two high lying objects with a massive drop in the middle.


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A safety net and balancing poles are absent in highlining, leaving the adventurers to use their own bodies to maintain their balance. Since the fastening of the rope is on natural features on top of mountains, the Highline rarely has a perfect tension, making it even more difficult.

5. Free Solo Climbing

Rock climbing alone is already a nerve-wracking experience. Remove any harnesses and equipment that may save our life in case of a fall and rock climbing becomes free climbing. If you like climbing trees and mountains with your bare hands, then free soloing is the extreme adventure sports for you.

Free Solo Climbing

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Like some other sports in this list, free soloing also requires years of experience and skill. Climbers use their bare hands to support their body weight and climb sheer rock faces. The sport requires oodles of concentration every moment, and even the tiniest lapse could mean plunging to certain death.

6. Volcano Surfing

Volcano surfing takes you to one of the most hostile places on earth for engaging in adventure sports. The sport involves using a wooden board to slide from the top of a volcano after climbing up the steep slopes. Reinforcing of the boards is by making use of Formica, steel, and metal.

The death-defying sport is undoubtedly dangerous. Anyone attempting face the daunting prospect of course boulders and rocks tumbling on top of surfers in their wake. Volcano surfers also face extreme heat from molten lava underneath and risk exposure to toxic gases spewing from the volcano.

7. Wing Walking

Wing Walking

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Wing walking is an adventure sport that seems to come straight out of a Hollywood movie. Instead of using wings adhering to your body, you will receive the assistance of the wings of an aircraft. The use of a biplane is typical in wing walking.

The flyer takes point on top of the aircraft by securing to the wings in a standing position. You will be left utterly exposed to the elements as the plane takes off and flies you through the air at blinding speeds.


Unless you are an adrenaline freak, you may not even imagine doing adventure sports for the second time. Most people who attempt such daredevilry, take part to complete their bucket list.

You may want to consider marking your adventures on a map to show the places and activities you accomplish. The product will help you to exhibit the guests of your experiences in a visually engaging manner, which is also entertaining.

Adventure sports are mortally dangerous. You must undertake proper preparations and precautions to minimize the risk of unfortunate events.

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