7 disturbing sex toys

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Some of these sex toys are funny and others scary but definitely not sexy, well, not in the traditional sense of sexy.

Let’s be frank, we all love sex toys. They bring added joy and fun into the bedroom, either solo or with your partner. Yet the next 7 sex toys are going to make you cringe and chuckle at the same time. Ranking from slightly funny to absolute scary.

The irony remains that even the weirdest of sex toys tend to lend themselves in some way to sex, but I’m not promising either of us will enjoy it.

1 The Vajankle

The Vajankle



I know there are people out their with foot fetishes but seriously? These look more like Halloween decorations. For those with a foot fetish it might turn out to be the perfect toy.

2 Pig Tail Butt Plug

Pig Tail


Bet you wondering how that could be pleasurable. Guess you must be pretty twisted to get some pleasure out of this one.  This brings a whole new meaning to ‘porking’.

3. Clown Vibrator

clown vibrator


Seriously, aren’t clowns one of the most common phobias? Just make sure your partner doesn’t have that phobia before you pull that out of your drawer.

4. Hooded Spandex Full Body Binder Sack

Hooded Span


Fine I’m no sexologist or sex expert to know everything about human sexuality. But wrapping someone like a birthday present. It just doesn’t seem like you’ll be having a lot of orgasms, it’s a lose –lose situation. But intimacy is a complex subject so let’s say it’s not something you want to take out of your sex drawer in a real rush, test and gauge your partner’s interests.

5. Make Your Own Dildo

Make Your Own Dildo

Yep! Turn your carrots into your deepest desire. Could turn out to be slightly embarrassing if you leave it among your other kitchen appliances and you know the rest…..

6. Vampire Fleshlight

Vampire Fleshlight


This sex toy is probably one of scariest inventions to date, this just isn’t sexy or looks comfortable in anyway. Check out those teeth. If you have a thing for vampires and like Twilight, guess it could work.

7. Accommodator



WTF! This could only be for laughs. Imagine how ridiculous you’d look with this thing wrapped up around your chin.

Let’s just say sex is fascinating and weird.


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