7 Fashion Business Startup Ideas

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7 Fashion Business Startup Ideas

The fashion industry is constantly evolving and can never get enough of creative and inspiring ideas. Have you maybe considered contributing to it with your modern pieces? Do you have a knack for drawing and designing? Or you’re really good at writing about the current trends and hypes? Either way, you can make money out of it and become the next famous fashionista. From creating your own fashion line to selling clothes online, you’ll find a handful of fashion business startup ideas right in this little guide. Here are 7 fashion business startup ideas.

1. Start selling your pieces on eBay

Have you been dabbling around with sewing and designing for years? But never really put the products out there for others to see it? Why not publish a few of the pieces online and start selling them? Once you see the turnout, you’ll get the inspiration about improving your current designs and make new ones too. Selling clothes on eBay can soon grow into you making your own online store on your website or Shopify, which will land you big bucks. 

2. Create a fashion line

If you were able to make a few tops, you could design bottoms, outerwear, and possibly dresses too. Go big and start coming up with more pieces; that, when gathered, will create a new fashion line everyone will be crazy about. Feel free to join forces with a friend, a family member, or your sweetheart. Start a family business that you can later pass on to younger generations. 

3. Accessories online store

Online businesses are skyrocketing now due to constant warnings about avoiding physical contact as much as possible. Therefore, you should think about selling or reselling accessories online. Do you know a super affordable store; from which you can order sunglasses and sell them at your store at a slightly higher price? Maybe you came up with a few handbag design ideas, and you want to invest in these accessories. Add belts to this, and you can have a very lucrative business in front of you. To make the entire accessories line complete, you could also decide to design or sell hats of various kinds.

4. Supply others with your products

Another way to make money with your fashion pieces; is to spread the word and stock other sellers with your designs. Just as Style State does, you can also create fabulous pieces and supply other stores with it. All you need to take care of is to maintain high quality and stay trustworthy. So, that others would want to continue cooperating with you. You can have a showroom too and allow everyone to check out what they’re buying for their stores.  

5. Write a fashion blog

Selling isn’t the only way to start a business. You can fill up your wallet just as easily if you’re an avid writer. Start a fashion blog, review some of the hottest or yet undiscovered pieces, and build your audience. Over time, when you gain credibility and your opinion will be worth a fortune. You will start getting paid to write the best reviews about clothes and accessories. If you’re not up for keeping up with the blog with regular posts. Maybe you could start a fashion magazine with other people writing for you and you being the editor-in-chief.  

6. Design shoes

If you’re having the same passion for shoes as Carrie Bradshaw. It would be a shame not to put that much love into a business. Designing shoes is another fashion business startup idea that can help you make tons of money. However, you must become innovative and come up with fresh ideas that will leave everyone in awe. That goes for every area of fashion you decide to commit to. Maybe you can improve the pieces from the 20th century and adapt them to fit in the modern age. Perhaps today’s models are hideous and very impractical in your opinion. You can easily modify them to become fabulous and comfortable for everyone. Think, write down and start sketching until you’re ready to turn it into a business. 

7. Start a plus-size clothing line

As time passes by, the fashion standards seem to become more unrealistic and make it barely possible for us to live up to them. Zero has long stopped being the smallest size, and it seems like the standards keep altering year in year out. People are expected to be either super skinny or have fabulous curves. Even then, fit into a size Small or Extra Small. That’s making people worldwide upset and impossible to shop for themselves. Having that in mind, starting a plus-size clothing line that would actually focus slightly more on curvier and bustier women. Still have pieces in regular sizes can be your jackpot. From jeans to skirts, dresses and even lingerie; make pieces for everyday women who don’t spend their days at the gym and sipping protein shakes. But are working mothers, preoccupied girlfriends or busy sisters just trying to live their best lives.

Starting a fashion business can seem overwhelming at first, but with a few ideas to help you out, you won’t have such a difficult time deciding what’s best for you. Think it through and choose wisely. You mustn’t give up quickly, but remember that success needs time. As long as you’re working hard and coming up with fresh ideas, you won’t have any other choice but to succeed and make your business a real hit.


Lena Hemsworth is a lifestyle blogger, foodie, and lover of a good book. She’s also a strong believer in the written word and positive thoughts.

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