7 Fast Ways To Let Go Of Stress

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7 Fast Ways To Let Go Of Stress

Are you feeling stressed? Everything from your job to a difficult period in your relationship to unfulfilled dreams can leave you stressed, tense and exhausted. What if there are ways to reduce your stress by altering small things in your everyday life? Here are 7 ways to let go of stress and feel calmer.

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1. Unplug

In today’s society, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to sit down, alone with your thoughts only. Electronics and social media surround us and absorb every minute of our lives if we let it. Learn to unplug your electronics. Switch off your phones from 8 pm till 6 am the next morning. Learn to sit still in a quiet place and listen to your thoughts. Spending time alone, getting to know yourself better will help you slow your pace down. Go for a walk, enjoy a hot bath or practice meditation.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Life can be challenging and you don’t need people to bring you down. Make a point in surrounding yourself with people who are positive and see the lighter and brighter side of life. There are days when you need a little help seeing the brighter side of life.

3. Stop overthinking

Not everything has to be analysed, dissected and investigated. Let things be and enjoy the moment without having to place meaning on every word or situation. Relax and do not overthink a situation. If someone gives you a compliment, respond with a simple ‘Thank you’.

4. Be grateful

Such a simple and beautiful gesture – being thankful. Be thankful for being alive, thankful for your friends, thankful for your food, there’s so much we can be thankful on a daily basis. Stop and look at all the blessings you’re enjoying and show appreciation – this act of being thankful reminds you of how lucky you are to have so much in your life you should be thankful for.

5. Find time for fun

Work and no play can be a time bomb. Find time to let your hair down and do the things that you enjoy – camping, hiking or a trip overseas. Do things you love, that make you laugh and that you are as passionate about.


It sounds silly, but we spend a large amount of time shallow breathing or not breathing adequately enough. Take a deep breath. Next time you feel angry or anxious take a nice deep breath and you’ll feel it all subside. Make a point in setting some time aside to practice deep breathing, either in the morning or late at night.

7. Take responsibility for your behaviour

Take responsibility for how you react to stressors around you. First, be aware of what triggers you to stress and plan how to deal with them or avoid these situations if possible. If you can not avoid them, then plan how you can control their influence on you. It’s very natural to feel defensive or angry when things don’t go your way.


Don’t let unnecessary stress destroy your quality of life. Because stress can affect your health too. Start identifying stress you can eliminate and replace them with good relaxing habits. Start today, at your pace, slowly letting go of stress.

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