7 Free responsive business portfolio themes

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7 Free responsive business portfolio themes


  1. Everyone’s favourite sharply!.
  2. Clean Look!.
  3. Something like sharply but not sharply!.
  4. Two of the same kind!.
  5. Website of the Future!.
  6. Light on the pocket lighter on the web.

Bonus Design!.

Final Verdict!.

There are many websites where you can go and build your own website (sounds weird we know). Out of all the website designing tools, WordPress is the oldest with the best features and then comes Shopify. But finding the right theme from a variety of choices can be a tedious task.

WordPress websites are made for landing page purposes or for businesses that don’t require complex dynamic websites; like resume writing services near me, professional ghostwriting services; mostly businesses that deal with customers through other means and their only need for a website is a digital presence prefer WordPress designs. But that does not mean that you can’t use one for your business!

So if you are here looking for answers search no more!

1.Everyone’s favourite sharply!

Starting off this list is everyone’s favourite and most selected theme shapely. It is a simple theme with an attractive picture that fills up the entire screen and serves as a welcome image.

Say goodbye to increasing bounce rates with this theme because whoever visits here is bound to spend more than a minute staring at this beautiful picture.

The seamless transitions and well-timed effects of the theme also make it perfect for any corporate business that is looking to attract customers from the internet.

2.Clean Look!

If you are looking for a responsive page with a clean look then look no further. Twenty-seven is a simple yet inverted approach towards traditional button placement (if you look closely) that makes it a bold and corporate theme.

The font style perfectly balances with the imagery in the background creating a seamless of pure goodness!

The colour contrast between black and brown makes it a perfect website for any customer dealing with B2C business. Note that all the pictures in the templates can be changed.

3.Something like sharply but not sharply!

If you are looking for a theme like sharply (mentioned above) but slightly different and more towards your nature of business creative playground is the one for you! With its bird’s eye view of the city, anyone is bound to be captured by it!

The bird’s eye view also reflects your business territory. In some cases, it might mean that your company is either global or has vast reach!

This picture shows the welcome page of your website. By choosing one of the options from above the web moves towards a more content filled approach. So don’t worry your website won’t be as minimalistic as it seems in the picture.

4.Two of the same kind!

If you like colourful design with a clean look that leaves a statement these two are what you want.

Orfeo and Material Design might look the same in a lot of ways but they are different in many ways as well.

While Orfeo and Material design both come off as business design templates. Orfeo is more like a website for a brick and mortar business whereas the Material design is like a website an online tool or an application maybe.

Although the user interface is very much similar to the icon shapes and pictures used in them make these two entirely different from one another.

5.Website of the Future!

It’s clean, it’s sharp, it’s futuristic and it is one of the best on our list. Futurio has all the cool transitions and effects you might find in a paid theme. With its design set to explain the technology of the future.

Futurio is completely customizable so if you don’t like the colour scheme or it does not go with your brand colour you can easily replace them.

6.Light on the pocket lighter on the web

Bonus Design!

If your business is news-related or if you are a group of bloggers and content writers working under the same roof and need a company this is the best design template in the market. With its front page like a new paper with appropriate examples of where banner ads would go. You can easily imagine this design fulfilling your business needs.

Final Verdict!

Don’t go around looking for more template options for your WordPress website. The more options you see the more you will be confused. Try to either pick out the entire template from above or just go for the button placement and design language and then optimize with a little bit of your own creativity.

However, you approach this, know that the download file of all these themes have their CSS files and all coding options.

All WordPress themes are compatible with SEO tools so don’t worry about Google rankings at all. On the contrary its rather easier to implement SEO tools and other web tracking features on your web through word press since it has dedicated options for all tags you can add.


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Jeffrey McDavis is a Ph.D. Mass Communication and Journalism from the University of Minnesota with 15 years of experience in writing blogs and articles on trending news on the web. Jeffrey has excellent communication skills and in-depth research ability through which he provides impeccable resume writing service and on some days professional copywriting service as well.
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