7 Important Things to Consider Before Moving to Australia

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7 Important Things to Consider Before Moving to Australia

The breathtaking beaches, amazingly blue skies, and mellow lifestyle are things that make Australia attractive for people who are looking to move. 

It doesn’t matter how bad you want to move, it is very important that you do thorough research before you commit to the move, especially if you are moving as a family, and it is best to have a job already lined up. When planning to move, these 7 important things to consider before moving to Australia.

You’ll Need a Proper Visa

The type of visa you need to come to Australia all depends on what you plan on doing and how long are you staying.​ There are many types of visas, like visa for a holiday, a work visa or a permanent residence visa. It is very important you know that visas are not cheap, so make sure that you add the cost of the visa into your budget plans.

You’ll Need an Australian Bank Account

It is a good idea that you open a bank account before you move if that’s possible. There are a lot of trusted and well-known banks in Australia. Once you managed to open your bank account, they will request that you make an appointment at the chosen branch to assign you your ID and pick up your cards.

It is good to ask if the card is Pay Wave because it will make your shopping a lot easier. Most of the cards in Australia have the option for contactless payment, and all it takes to pay is the person at the register asking if they can tap your card to make your payment.

Find an Adequate Job

You need to explore and get to know their economic status, to examine the job market, what skills are currently in popular and where, how average they payments are in comparison to where you live now.

Look Into Housing Costs

It doesn’t matter if you want to rent or buy a house, property prices in Sydney are high. Sydney had the second most unaffordable city housing in the world. Prices can vary from place to place but when you look up the prices your mind will be blown. It is best to find a trusted buyers agent from Sydney if you want to find a place that is most reasonable in price and looks.

Make Sure You Have Proper Travel Insurance

Australia is known for having a world-class nationalized healthcare system, but you won’t be able to use it until you are their residents. Although the country is pretty safe, it is still good to come prepared with appropriate travel insurance.

It Can Get Really Hot

Native Australians are pretty much used to the heat, but for foreigners, it can get unbearable. Even though it’s not boiling hot all year round, if you come from a cold part of the county you will need some time to accommodate. And sunscreen will become your best friend.

Learn More about the Tax File Numbers

If you are thinking about moving to work in Australia you will need to apply for something called Tax File Number. There are many ways you can apply for a Tax File Number all depending on your circumstances. You are not obligated to have a Tax File Number but without it, you will have to pay more tax.


No matter, if you are moving overseas or just around the corner, worrying about the move and all the goods you own, it will stress you out. It is important that you take your time to go through all the important questions and find all the answers before you commit to moving to Australia.

Alexis Walker

Alexis is a Sydney-based part-time lifestyle writer and a full-time mom of two. Her words carry the richness of her travelling and parenting adventures.

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