7 Style Tips To Try The Next Time You Wear A Maxi Dress

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7 Style Tips To Try The Next Time You Wear A Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses have been gracing the runways and streets for a few years now. And over time, we’ve seen our fair share of fashion triumphs and fails. It’s easy to understand how this can happen, especially given the wide variety of maxi dress designs. Let’s take a look at 7 style tips to try the next time you wear a Maxi dress.

The (Almost) Infinite Maxi Style

Sure, the basic style of the maxi stays the same. A long, whimsical dress that’s more form fitting at the top, and looser on the bottom. The free-flowing, informal fit is reflected in the fabric, which is usually cotton or polyester. However, maxi’s come in a wide variety of prints, necklines and subtle (and not so subtle) embellishments. What’s more, there’s a lot you can do to style your maxi – to dress it up, dress it down and reinvent your garb.

Read on to discover how you can quickly, easily and affordably create a new look.

1. Belt It

Many maxis are looser in fit, which means you have the opportunity to rework the lines of your dress with the simple addition of a belt. Be creative: use a skinny belt for a more sleek style, or a thick, chunky belt for a bolder look.

7 Style Tips To Try The Next Time You Wear A Maxi Dress

2. Add Jeans

Pair this stunning halter maxi from Nookie with a jeans jacket and you’ve got sexy, stunning, confident style.

Jeans is the eternal friend of the maxi dress. A denim jacket or vest will really play up the cool and casual undercurrent of even more formal maxi dresses. This means you can get more wear out of the dress, which not only increases your style versatility, but also the value of your beloved maxi.

3. Wear Sneakers

Sneakers look super cool with maxi dresses, and like jeans, they can work to add an undeniable sense of chill confidence to your style. Not to be confused with running shoes, sneakers are not meant for athletic pursuits but are usually canvas, and simply meant for comfortable and fashionable strolling.

4. Bearer of Bling

Wear a basic black maxi dress with a delicate, pearl pendant necklace and you’ve got a look made for a boardwalk stroll with friends. Wear the same dress with a beautifully elaborate gold choker and you’re ready to be a guest at a beach wedding. Likewise, bangles, arm cuffs, and shoulder-dusting earrings can also serve to dress up your maxi.

5. Perfect Prints

If you have a single colour maxi dress, adding print can really liven up your look, contributing colour and visual interest. Don’t get us wrong: there’s a time for understatement.  But if you want to shake up your style, think about donning a floral printed purse, or a pair of animal print shoes, or a plaid scarf.

7 Style Tips To Try The Next Time You Wear A Maxi Dress

6. Leather Love

This endlessly elegant maxi would look stellar with a fitted bomber jacket.

Leather and maxis are a perfect paradox. The brash and brazen look of leather lends itself to the easy grace of the maxi, and as such, they work wonderfully together. You don’t have to go with a full-on leather jacket (though a leather jacket looks incredibly striking); a leather vest, arm cuff or corset belt will achieve the same stunning style.

7. Ankle Boot

Not all long dresses can rock boots, but ankle boots are a thing of beauty .Especially with a maxi with slits. Ankle boots cover just enough of your foot and ankle to give form to the lower half of your billowing dress but are also short enough to not overburden the look of your legs.

Next time you slip on your maxi and are thinking of leaving the house with the same ol’ maxi style, consider changing things up with one of these styling tips.

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