7 Must Consider things When Travelling with a Baby

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7 Must Consider things When Travelling with a Baby

Travelling around the world is fun, especially when you are a solo traveller or travelling with your friends. For many of us, travel may become one of the past experiences when we have our little ones. Is it the same for you? Yet, some couples enjoy travelling adventure with their babies. Here’s a list of their suggestions for your next tour with your little one. 7 things you must consider when travelling with a baby.

Check your backpack 

While planning to travel with your baby, the first thing that should come to your mind is getting your backpack right. It may so happen that the place you are about to travel may not have all the essential requirements for your baby at hand. So, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s a checklist of things to carry in your baby travel backpack 

  • Diapers
  • Changing station
  • Blankets
  • Disposable bags
  • Nightlight
  • First aid kit
  • Bottled milk
  • Cozy hats
  • Baby monitor
  • Formula packets
  • Toy clothes
  • Baby’s nightwear
  • Thermometer
  • Disinfecting gel

Take a quick short nap when your baby is sleeping

Adjust your nap timings with that of your baby’s sleeping schedule. It is good if you keep your baby’s nap timings in your mind and then plan on your flying times. By doing so, your baby will be sleeping for most of the flying time. This will allow you to sit back calmly and rest yourself for some time.

Prepare your baby with food other than his regular meals 

This is the next thing to prioritize. Try to carry your own baby food while switching borders. As your location changes, so are the case with the brands of food available there. You might not get the same brand baby food that your baby usually eats. With the change in brand, the taste of the formulation may differ too.

Apart from every other ready-made formulation, it is always good to breastfeed your baby as it is both natural and healthy. Also, it is loaded with IgA, the essential antibody which forms the first line of defence for your baby’s immunity. Do not forget to carry a nursing cover with you on board. This helps facilitates you to maintain your privacy and breastfeed your baby proudly.

Check whether you have a good stroller 

Many people choose to go ahead with babywearing; yet, selecting a pram or a baby stroller should be your first choice.

Although you may have one with you at home; but, is your baby stroller compatible for travelling requirements? If not, you may rent a lightweight umbrella stroller for your short trips. Full-size durable strollers are recommended for long-distance travelling. The latter one is, of course, heavier than the first one, but it ensures that your baby sleeps well.

Check with the hotel room 

As soon as you land up at your preferred destinations, accommodation search will be your no. 1 task.  It is better to pre-book your accommodation and check for the availability of a baby bed in their hotel rooms. Not all hotels or resort rooms will be equipped with baby cribs. Therefore, it is better to connect with the hotel authorities before travelling. You can also pre-book any tour package for safety as they would be the one deciding all about the hotels and places and you will free to stroll around. However, remember to check out the Reviews of tour operators

Is your child vaccinated?

Better visit your paediatrician ahead of travelling. He is the one to guide you correctly with the possible vaccination regimes that your baby needs to undergo. The place you are about to visit might likely have possibilities of an epidemic outbreak. Small children, due to their weak immune system, are more susceptible to such epidemic outbreaks. So, make sure that you check your baby’s vaccination stats and keep it up-to-date.

Get the right seat 

Many airline services these days offer a wide array of seating options for those who are travelling with their babies. There are international airlines that may provide you with an infant ticket. The only criteria would be, you should be ready to hold your baby in your hands.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to carry your baby in your arms throughout your journey, you may reserve a child’s seat for them. To avail this ticket, you need to pay 75 per cent of what you will be paying for an adult ticket. In case you avail this seat, you need to carry an approved infant capsule on board.

For a long-haul flight, there’s an arrangement of an infant bassinet. Your aircrew will ask to lie your baby in this bassinet, which will then be attached to the walls after flight take-off.

These are just the essential things to consider while travelling with your baby. You may include your own inclusions in case you feel something important is being missed on.

On a concluding note, a bit of suggestion here and there for the couples travelling for the first time with their babies –


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Featured Photo by Nikola Radojcic on Unsplash
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