7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Pole Dancing

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7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Pole Dancing

Most people don’t realize that pole dancing is an incredibly effective workout. It’s time to start removing the taboo around this sport. It’s not only fun and challenging, but it makes people excited to work out again, and that can never be a bad thing. Plus, there’s a whole host of other health benefits that come along with it. So, read on to find out why you’ve been missing out on pole dancing for too long.

7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Pole Dancing - Woman Dancing on Pole

1. Exercise for Fun

The best way to get exercise? Do an activity that’s new and fun. It helps distract you while you burn more calories. You’re not watching the clock the entire time or dreading starting your workout. You quickly become more motivated to not skip your workouts, which can only boost your health and fitness. Plus, most classes are designed for every level (check out Pole Dance Academy for great classes) so you never feel out of place.

2. Reduces Stress

Pole dancing is a fantastic way to relax and let loose. Which is great if you’re feeling stressed or anxious (hey, there’s nothing like swinging around a pole to take the edge off). Plus, working out helps your body produce endorphins, which help make you feel happy and calm. Who needs a runner’s high when you have a pole?

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3. Works Every Muscle

Pole dancing is surprisingly difficult to do, and it actually works almost every muscle group in your body. This makes every session an incredibly effective workout, that resistance training or HIIT simply can’t match.

4. Better Balance

Unsurprisingly, you need coordination and balance to swing around a pole, so practising pole dancing helps improve these enormously. Balance and coordination start to become pretty important as you get older to help prevent injury and falls. So, it’s smart to improve them while you can.

5. Improves Self-Esteem

The health benefits of a better self-esteem are countless, so it makes sense to do exercises that improve it. Pole dancing might be difficult, but every time you nail a move, you become incredibly proud of your body and what it can do (instead of focusing on flaws).

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6. Develops Back and Core Strength

Pole dancing is unique because it requires you to develop a ton of back and core strength, which aren’t usually focused on so intensely with other workouts. A strong back and core will help you enormously in life, from helping to prevent injury to helping you complete everyday movements with ease, like picking things up, standing up or sitting down, and reaching for things.

7. Increased Community

What most people don’t realize when they start pole dancing is that they’ve actually found themselves a tight-knit community that helps each other be their best selves. Pole dancing is still a relatively unknown or taboo sport, so fans of it tend to stick together and that can mean nothing but good things for you and your mental health: a strong support system, built-in friends, and watching empowering women do the things they love on a daily basis.

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