7 winning ways to make new friends.

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7 winning ways to make new friends.

The hardest part of socializing, for many people, is initiating conversation. It’s something anyone can ace with a bit of practice.

Why is initiating conversation important, you ask. Being able to talk at ease with anyone will improve your love life.

Conversations begin easier if you really want to know a person. Within reason it’s not so much what you say but how you come across, so try and relax. When you’re relaxed and confident, you’ll transmit that comfort to the person(s) with whom you’re communicating with.

Put the following ideas into practice and ramp up your conversation starter and self-confidence:

1. Smile

Smile and relax, you’re just being sociable. Research shows people will want to talk to you if you are smiling. Smiling makes you appear friendly and more approachable.

Also, when listening to others speaking, smile, unless they are relating sad stories.

2. Conversation is a two-way path

Initiating a conversation doesn’t mean you are going to engage on a continuous monologue, that would be poor conversation skills. You just kicking things off. The conversation should flow on its own accord.

3. Show interest

Use gentle, not too probing, questions. You are out to socialise, to have fun. Keep questions lightweight: ‘Have you been here before? What do you think of it?’ “Do you know anyone here?” “ I love this bar. What kind of places do you usually go to?”.

4. Keep conversation short and pleasant

Brevity, it’s been said, is the soul of wit. Edit! Don’t bore with detail. Instead, ask yourself, “What does this person need to know?”

5. Use humour

If you find something funny (and it’s not their appearance), then say so. People appreciate humour (and if they don’t, maybe you need to be talking to someone else. Laughing together builds a sense of intimacy.

6. Be Polite

Be polite and friendly, avoid coming across as arrogant loudmouth or creepy.

7. Move on

If after you’ve attempted to get a conversation going the other person really doesn’t seem to want to talk, then don’t take it personally. They must just be having an off night, or they might need to learn a few conversation skills themselves.

Get out there and enjoy yourself, as they say “Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet.”





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