8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Honey

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8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey has been used as a sweetener and preservative throughout human history. But who knew it could be so good for you? Honey has incredibly positive effects on the human body that probably the majority of us aren’t aware of.

Here are eight amazing health benefits honey can have on your body:

Honey is a great and better alternative to sugar

Honey contains sugar, however, the type of sugar it contains is different from the white sugar we put in our morning coffee. The natural sugars found within honey, help to regulate a body’s blood sugar level.

Honey is a source for vitamins and minerals

Most types of honey have three important vitamins and minerals. Honey is a source of Vitamin C, which has a variety of benefits on the human body, including strengthening the immune system. It also is a source of calcium, which strengthens the bones. Last, honey is shown to contain iron, which is helpful to the circulatory system. All of which are important for our bodies to function at their best.

Honey can increase your red blood cell count

Drinking water mixed with honey increases the body’s red blood cell count, in turn oxygenating your blood. High levels of oxygen increase a body’s productiveness, as well as its ability to starve off bacteria and disease.

Increased oxygen levels also increase energy levels, which in turn will make your body able to cope with physical activity. Drinking honey water, therefore, can lead to increased productivity in a person’s body, as well as the mind.

Honey gives you a quick energy boost

Athletes have been known to take a spoonful of honey when they’re feeling drowsy or light-headed. As mentioned, honey has a positive effect on a person’s red blood cell count, as well as his oxygen levels. Of course, higher oxygen levels mean higher energy levels. The consistency of honey also gives it “time-releasing” qualities, making it even more beneficial for athletes who must be active for long periods of time, such as marathon runners.

Honey has many medical uses

Honey has been proven to have antibacterial characteristics, and can also be used as a disinfectant, bet you didn’t know that. In clinical tests, a certain purified honey was used to treat ulcers and other leg wounds; the treatment was a success for 99% of the patients involved. Honey has shown the ability to eradicate E. coli and salmonella, commonly found in uncooked meats, maybe the reason certain cultural cuisines use honey in their cooking. Honey has also been used for treatment of lung diseases such as mucus and asthma.

Honey is an alternative to cough medicine

Honey can alleviate symptoms of congestion, especially in children. The syrupy consistency of honey forms a film in a person’s mouth and throat that soothes the irritated areas and shield the areas from further infection. Using honey to soothe sore throats works especially well to regulate sleeping patterns when a cough is keeping you up at night. The protective film created continues to work its magic throughout the night, allowing for a good night’s rest.

Honey is a prebiotic

Honey may be used as a prebiotic. Often prebiotics are confused with probiotics (found in yoghurt). Prebiotics, however, serve as food for these bacteria, which in turn increases the amount of “healthy” bacteria within your body.

Honey soothes skin irritation

Honey can alleviate skin conditions such as dermatitis and dandruff. The application of honey to affected skin has shown to alleviate conditions. Using honey as a remedy for skin conditions has proven to soothe itching and scaling, and also has shown promise in improving hair loss. Some people use the home remedy of cinnamon powder and honey and mix it into a paste and apply it to a clean and dry skin.

Recipes with honey

Honey can be used in place of maple syrup, another fantastic sweet gift from nature, in pancakes, in tea, cakes and many other recipes. You will find some mouth-watering recipes in National Honey Board


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