8 Bad Healthy Foods That Make You Fat

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8 Bad Healthy Foods That Make You Fat

If you ever had to follow a diet, you know how hard it is to stick to it. When all the wrong food seems to be the only thing that you crave. Shopping is a pitfall and a real mental battle with a continuous mental reminder – ‘No, you can’t have that, that neither. Followed with mini-monologues of self-pity and false traps: “But I really, really feel like it. Oh just one, what is the harm in that?”

What is worse is, after all that sacrifice you find out that those so-called healthy foods are actually bad for you and are making you fat.

Some sneaky food companies have been disguising their products as wholesome snacks all this time. Let’s then uncover some of these foods so you can avoid them in the future. These 8 bad healthy foods that make you fat avoid them at all cost if you want to lose weight.


granola with yogurt snd rasberries


This delightful tasty breakfast is bad for you. Those crunchy clusters are packed with sugar and a tonne of calories with relatively few nutrients. Pick a granola that has less than 10 grams and lots of fibre to keep you feeling full longer.

Green Juice

Green Juice in a glass and a straw


Drinking green juice sounds like a healthy thing to do. Truth is that many of these have many hidden sugars because they contain sugars as well as vegetable. Maybe try to make you own from scratch to reduce the sugar in it.


variety of shushi in a wooden board

Idreamofsushi, tumblr

Sushi is usually a healthy choice but we make it less healthy by choosing to wrap it with white rice. Next time make sure you opt for sushi made with high-grade, low-mercury fish.

Protein Bars

Protein chocolate bar

Your favourite post-workout snack is about to be ruined. Although these bars are passed off as “fitness products,” these things usually contain all kinds of artificial crap, high-fructose corn syrup and trans fats that contribute to weight gain.

Instead, you should consume real foods like lean meats, eggs and fish to hit your daily macros rather than relying on processed slabs of protein.

Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit and nuts in a bowl

This sweet snack is pack with a lot of sugars, carbs and calories. If you are craving sugar you are better off eating fresh fruit.


Yogurt in glasses with blueberries

Not all yoghurt is good for you. If yoghurt is made to taste like c cheesecake or some sort of sweet then it’s not good for you. Unsweetened yoghurt is a healthy snack since it has vitamins, minerals and protein.

Veggie Chips

a pack of vege chips

These chips are made to sound like they are the healthier version of the normal chips, but they are just as bad and unhealthy.

Wholemeal Bread

wholemeal bread with avocado


Sometimes bread that claims to be “wholemeal” is actually made from refined flour rather than whole grains. It can contain all sorts of unhealthy ingredients like hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup and preservatives. Read the labels carefully, in addition, avoid multigrain bread.


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