8 Best Places To Visit For A First-Time Solo Woman Traveller

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8 Best Places To Visit For A First-Time Solo Woman Traveller

Travelling makes you emotionally, soulfully and spiritually rich. It is about experiencing the subtle pleasures that nature holds for us. The serene feeling that empowers you while you walk down a boulevard listening to nothing but the night sounds. Or the feeling of getting a glimpse of the red rising sun at dawn. The thought evoking the sound of waves on a seashore. Or the peaceful night laying in a meadow under a starry sky counting the stars. They have magic in them which is only encountered by those you dive into the beauty of nature.

Travelling is an emotion which must be experienced to appreciate it. Even if it is to set out a foot alone. If you are a solo traveller, especially a girl, venturing out on your maiden trip. There is bound to be premonitions regarding place, safety, budget, itinerary, and the route.

To help you through it. Here is a list of places which are absolutely safe for women travellers which you can visit when stepping out for the first time solo.  There are some solo bike riding trips which you can opt for if you are the type who goes a step forward with adventure. In the end, there is a list of preventive measures that a woman must abide by for a safe journey ahead. Let’s take a closer look at 8 best places to visit for a first-time solo woman traveller.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

8 Best Places To Visit For A First-Time Solo Woman Traveller-Reykjavik, Iceland

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The capital of Iceland must be your ultimate destination if you have the wish of sleeping under the northern lights. Surely you can strike that off from your list after a visit to the Iceland capital. Visit it between the months of August to May to enjoy it in its full glory. You will surely be mesmerized to see the art. Harpa concert hall is one of the examples. Its art and architecture are one of its kind. All made of glass will keep you spellbound and awestruck. There are many live music concerts and the nightlife is plenty. For all the food lovers, it has all you desire. Reykjavik boasts to house the northernmost beach in the world at an altitude of approx 62-degrees northern latitude. It also has a whale exhibition which is a must-visit for marine lovers. Such close proximity to marine life here will surely give you goosebumps and will be an experience of the lifetime. It’s perfect.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

8 Best Places To Visit For A First-Time Solo Woman TravellerCopenhagen, Denmark

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If you are planning to visit the Denmark capital, Stroget street is the place for you. A superbly coloured and bright city has the ability to brighten up your vacation. The majestic Tivoli Garden, the world’s second oldest theme park has every adventure you crave for. The wide variety of roller coaster rides here is breathtaking. The picturesque landscapes, museums, botanical garden are among the must visit places. You can also hire a bicycle and ride along the city streets or even explore the city on foot.

3. Melbourne, Australia

8 Best Places To Visit For A First-Time Solo Woman Traveller

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This coastal city in Australia is among the top cities that can be visited by solo women travellers. Live music, delicious food, artistic heritage, and its stupendous beaches, are all here for you. One of the most unique attractions here is the Melbourne Zoo. It is the third oldest in the world and if you are among the ones who connect to wildlife and love animals, this is like a fairyland for you.  Walking through the city lanes, visiting the botanical gardens, spending a day on the beach and shopping like a shopaholic will make a vacation for you like never before. Just make sure you get a car with a good roof rack tray ‘ before you shop till you drop’, to carry all your shopping stuff comfortably.

4. Wicklow, Irland

8 Best Places To Visit For A First-Time Solo Woman Traveller-Wicklow Irland

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It is one of the safest places to visit alone for a solo women traveller. An island in the North Atlantic has one of the most mesmerizing coastlines and countryside. You will surely feel it coming out live from the desktop wallpapers that we usually opt for. Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry with the exclusive landscape and the most magnetizing place is Glendalough or the Valley of two lakes, housed in the Wicklow Mountains National Park. The purple hue backdrop and the beauty of the vast meadows and lakes will keep you enthralled. The most exquisite experience you can go through in Ireland is the road trip from Dublin to Portlaoise which goes through the Wicklow Mountain. It will be a ride of the lifetime. The scenic surroundings with splendid colours seem to paint out of a brush. Also,  Wicklow is one of the country towns and is perfect for a solo girl getaway. The perfect chance to stay closest to one of the most beautiful sceneries on earth. People here are kind and helpful and it is a treat to go around the villages with the native people who are happy to entertain guests and visitors.

5. Paris, France

8 Best Places To Visit For A First-Time Solo Woman TravellerLouvre

The French capital, with its captivating boulevards and the beauty of the city itself, the iconic Eiffel Tower had to make its way to the top 8 places list. The Louvre Museum, Arc of Triumph, The Cathedral and the Palace of Versailles is the must-visit spots. If you are in Paris and miss the Seine River Cruise, it is absolutely worth it. The panoramic view of the city from the boat while you have dinner and dance away the night, will give you emotional goosebumps. Moreover, Paris is a city which is perfect for various categories of people. People who love history, people who are going on their romantic vacation, people who are off to their maiden foreign tour or even for a place to go out on a girls bachelorette trip, it has intriguing things for everyone. It is one of the safest places in the world where women can go down at any time of the year. There are amazing views and so many things to do. The food, people, shopping, sightseeing, long solo walks on the streets and boulevards is one of the things that are rare and surely girls are bound to have a gala time here.

6.Berlin, Germany

8 Best Places To Visit For A First-Time Solo Woman Traveller-Berlin

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The Capital of Germany is a historical city which has a cultural landscape with museums and local markets to its fascinating display. Cruise, Film loges, historic sites from the World War are enticing to go around and revisit. A walk through Tiergarten to freshen your senses and rejuvenate your soul like never before.

7. Puducherry, India

8 Best Places To Visit For A First-Time Solo Woman Traveller-Puducherry, India

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The Indian Union Territory along the Bay of Bengal is a city made of ancient French Colonies of the colonial times. Innumerable activities are there for people of different age groups. Boat riding in the backwaters, watching the sunrise from the beautiful promenades, scuba diving, taking a walk along the seashore, visiting the Paradise Island and camping in the backwaters are just to name a few. In addition to these, you can also hire a Motorcycle and go on a  ride around the city sightseeing. Also, you can try the solo bike road trip from Chennai to Puducherry, which will be complimentary for you. The motorcycle rides available at the various places need a bit of precaution as they need to be well equipped with motorcycle accessories and backup as the rides are long.  The Amazing French architecture, Auroville Ashram, and many Tamil and French Houses all have a unique story to tell. People are warm and welcoming here.

8.Yakushima, Japan

8 Best Places To Visit For A First-Time Solo Woman Traveller-Yakushima, Japan

Photo courtesy: google images

An island in the East China Sea, with its history dated back to the world war times, have a story to tell. Its brave survival after the atomic attacks during the world war and their current strong survival is something to be learned. Along with this, there is the city of Kyoto, My Fuji, Hiroshima, Yakushima will bring you in touch with nature and its enthralling beauty. In addition, what makes this island city exceptionally different is the flora and fauna in it. The enthralling ecosystem is worth the time and efforts by any tourist as it is exclusive here. At no other place can you see such biodiversity of nature.

 Tips to remember when travelling alone:

  1. Avoid drinking too much and falling into an inebriated state. This might lead to losing your keys, cellphone, wallet or even your belongings.
  2. A good tool pouch is a must-have companion when you decide to venture out on adventures as such.
  3. When travelling abroad, make sure to carry your passport along at all times. It is your identity there.
  4. Do not get overly friendly with strangers. Also, make sure to not eat or drink anything offered to you from anyone randomly.
  5. Always purchase your own packed food or sealed water bottles.
  6. Memorize your hotel’s name and your locker code by heart

In an abroad country make sure to get one of their local cellular number, which will help you stay in touch with your family and friends from anywhere in the world.

There is a world out there, which needs to be travelled and explored by you. You owe no one when you travel but only become richer by it. So, stay safe and go out and live a life.

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