8 Clothing tips everyone should know about.

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8 Clothing tips everyone should know about

There are times when you just wish you could think of a way of solving a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ on the spot, or come up with a new way to do your scarf up.

We have all been there, admit it. It’s frustrating, embarrassing and can just ruin your whole day.

Below are 12 clothing tips that will possibly save your day.

  1. How to do your scarf up and look pretty sophisticated.

 If you are anything like me, I’ll wear my scarf pretty much the same way all winter long and it just becomes a boring accessory. Follow the steps on the picture below to get a more sophisticated look this winter.



  1. How to ensure you never get embarrassed again by your inexplicable defect zipper that opens up at will. 

This is a recycling idea that has some good value. In future keep your old key rings aside and convert them as zip-holder. Tip: bottom up after you secured your zipper with your key ring  over the button.



  1. How to fold and organise your t-shirts just follow the steps below

 Have you wondered where your tops go? They seem to disappear into thin air and weeks later you find them in your messy drawer.Time to change that, here’s how to do it. Easy way to fold and organise your t-shirts just follow the steps in the picture.



  1. Need new shoes but your budget is a bit tight? Cap the toe of your shoes.

Are you tired of the way your shoes look? Upgrade them by adding a new toe cap of gold or silver. Buy a spray can silver or gold and  ‘presto’ you have yourself a new pair of shoes. See the picture below on how to do it.


  1. Create double clothes hangers with can tabs.

You will regain space in your wardrobe with this nifty little idea. The brilliance is that you can organise your outfits ready for when you need them.


  1. How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots. Now this is definitely handy to know.

Don’t you wish you knew about this before you went out to buy those expensive skinny jeans when all you needed to do was fold your old jeans the right way?



  1. Chewing gum is great but a real pain when it gets stuck in your favourite pants or top. Use ice to remove it without a trace.

 Everybody has had chewing gum stuck on their clothes and tried to play cool but deep down wishing they could scream at the perpetrator. This is the coolest and easiest way to remove chewing gum. Believe me it works.


Chewing gum

  1. How do you stop a button from unravelling? Dab some clear nail polish on it and you’ll never have to sew them back in ever again.

Wearing a shirt missing buttons is not something you can pull off, it’s just unsightly. Find someone who can do the job for you or do something before it just unravels. What can be done? Simple, purchase a clear nail polish, if you happen to be a male buy this when your mates are not around you, and dab some on the bottom that is about to unravel. Life made easy!

Nail polish


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