8 Innovating Things You Can Try With Cookie Cutters

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8 Innovating Things You Can Try With Cookie Cutters

Do you know all those cookie-cutters that are at the very bottom of your kitchen drawer? Well, you might want to reach way down and grab a handful! This guide will help you put them to good use in the most effective way. We have 8 innovating things you can try with cookie cutters to make cooking fun.

Making baking fun

Cookie-cutters are great for transforming ordinary cookies into fun shapes. From space-themed cookie cutters to wedding based cookie stamps, baking equipment can transform a simple cake or cookie into a masterpiece. The usefulness of cookie cutters goes way beyond the obvious functioning. People use cookie-cutters for a wide variety of kitchen duties. They are also used to make ornaments, transform plain candles, create place settings. Here are eight ways you can use cookie cutters to make your baking experience a whole lot more fun.

1) As a Pancake Shaper

Heat a nonstick pan over medium-high flame. Grease the pan with a cooking spray. After greasing the pan completely, place a cookie cutter in the centre of the pan. Pour batter inside the cookie cutter. Use a toothpick to nudge the batter into all corners of the stencil. To prevent leaking, make your pancake batter thicker than normal. Once pancakes have bubbled, remove the cookie cutter and flip. Perfect breakfast for your kids!

2) As a Candle Stencil

Oh yes! You heard it right. Here is how you can use a cookie cutter as a candle stencil. Using a cookie cutter, make a plain pillar candle. Place a theme-based cookie cutter where you want the design to appear. Tap the cutter with a hammer and remove it. Voila! A unique and theme-based candle stencil is ready.

Note: To create a monogram, use mini letters with any shape and engrave the cutter inside the candle.

3) As a Cake Decorating Stencil

Press the cookie cutter onto the surface of a frosted cake. Fold a piece of paper in half and use it as a funnel. Using a funnel, place sprinkles inside the cookie cutters. Once done, remove each cutter one by one.

Pro tip: Arrange the design as per your best interest before placing the cookie cutters on the cake.

4) As a Napkin Ring

A classic one but the best. For special occasions or festivals, take the decoration game to the next level by stepping up from the paper variety. Instead, fold a napkin into one-inch sections, like an accordion. Slip the folded napkin through a cookie cutter and then fan out the material on either side. Place one napkin on the plate at each setting.

5) As an Ornament

Short on Christmas tree decorations? Use Christmas theme-based cookie cutters. Thread festive ribbons through appropriate cookie cutters (gingerbread men, stars, snowmen) and secure them with a knot.

6) As a Pizza Shaper

When it comes to pizzas, the possibilities are endless. Create a mini pizza in any shape that you desire by cutting shapes out of pre-made pizza dough and topping it with your favourite meats, veggies, and sauce. You can even elevate your favourite pizza recipe with some shaped pepperonis!

7) As Edible Spoons

An upscale catering business might have perfected the art of creating edible spoons, but they are quite simple to make at home. You can use a spoon-shaped cookie cutter and a spoon mould to make edible spoons.

8) As an Ultimate Cake Decorator

Decorating the cake with frosting isn’t a cup of tea for everyone. If so is the case, then cut letters and cute shapes with the help of a cookie cutter and decorate your next cake. Cake decorating has never been easier!

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