8 Qualities You Need to Look for in a Business Coach

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8 Qualities You Need to Look for in a Business Coach

There can be many technical points in a business, especially if you’re relatively new to the world of entrepreneurship. If you’re searching for information on how to start a business or simply want advice from someone who has the experience, you may want to look into working with a business coach.

A great business coach will help you keep your goals in mind, set realistic expectations for your work, and help you navigate the ups and downs of running your own company. Here are some basic qualities that make up a great business coach – 8 qualities you need to look for in a business coach.

1. Trust

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Your business coach must be trustworthy, which means asking questions and getting answers that you feel good about. An open and honest discussion about expectations, costs, time commitment, and so on will help you identify any potential trust issues before they become an issue.

Be sure your coach is also someone you’re comfortable sharing intimate details of your business (there are only some things you know). If not, consider working with someone else who can maintain your level of trust.

2. Reliability

One of the most important characteristics you want from your business coach is reliability. A good business coach will make you feel like they’re always there and will always be able to keep their promises. A reliable business coach can be counted on when things get tough.

We would highly recommend looking at all the reviews online before getting them involved so that you have time as well as helping people who have had success with them and know they are reliable. They may not turn up, which would be highly unprofessional. Peter Cheel, a business coach in Sydney has some great reviews and experience! He works in a huge arena and has worked with countless businesses of all shapes and sizes. Having these qualities instilled, he would be happy to assist!

3. Accessibility

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The ideal business coach should be willing and able to make himself available whenever you need him. To do that, he’ll either have flexible hours or an assistant who can answer your questions when he’s not around. Your coach should also be easy to reach via email, text, or phone so that you don’t have to worry about reaching out multiple times.

Moreover, it never hurts if your coach is interested in technology—being tech-savvy is one of his most important qualities, particularly if you want him to give you advice remotely via video chat or over Skype.

4. Commitment

Your business coach should be as invested in your success as you are. After all, if he isn’t committed to helping you, why should you hire him? This means being attentive and responsive. Follow-up calls or emails shouldn’t be scheduled—they should be expected.

If things get busy at your business coach’s end, that’s fine—but he needs to tell you about it upfront. No surprises here! A professional will handle unavailability professionally; he won’t disappear with no word and leave clients wondering what happened.

5. Willingness to learn

Before you sign on with any business coach, make sure they’re willing to learn new things. Your needs may change over time as your career evolves, and your coach should be prepared and excited about these changes. A good business coach should have enough experience and expertise that he or she can share what they know with you—not just tell you what to do.

If your company is looking at expanding but you’ve never been there before, it’s important that your business coach can help give insights. This would help you not end up inadvertently insulting anyone while building trust with potential clients.

6. Helpfulness

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A business coach needs to care more about you and your business than he cares about making money. It may sound silly, but even after years of experience helping others, a good coach won’t abandon you when things get tough. There are always new clients out there.

When you become his top priority, he can help you dig out of any hole that occurs along your journey towards success. It’s important to make sure they know those things which you want to do.

7. Passion

The best business coaches are passionate about their work. They’re excited about helping others get what they want, and they have a fire in their belly. This passion will translate into your learning experience and can even motivate you as you do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true.

Passion is crucial when it comes to achieving success. It doesn’t matter how much someone knows or what he or she can teach you—if that person isn’t passionate and confident, you won’t feel comfortable following his or her advice.

8. Professionalism

When you hire a business coach, you want someone who is professional and can guide you towards achieving your goals. A business coach should be able to help develop your business strategy, make effective recommendations, or guide you on any issues that arise.

A successful business coach needs excellent communication skills and the ability to negotiate solutions that work for everyone involved. They’ll have insight into how things operate from both sides of the table: as an entrepreneur and as an employee of another company.


Finally, finding a business coach is essential. Your time is valuable, so make sure you choose someone who has the experience and will benefit your business. Nowadays, there are plenty of coaches on offer, but not all of them are equally good. That’s why it’s important to consider these eight qualities.

The crux is that you should feel comfortable sharing any aspect of your business with them, while they should have a strong knowledge base. A great coach should know many different areas (business strategy, sales, marketing). They need an open mind as well. Your business will reach new heights with these qualities instilled in a business coach.


Steve is a small business owner and writer who understands the challenges of owning and operating a small business.

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