8 Sex Secrets for a perfect relationship

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8 Sex Secrets for a perfect relationship 

Sexual intimacy is ever changing. At one point in life you crave it, then you avoid it, a pattern common in many relationships.  At the beginning, you cannot get your hands off your lover and then it evolves to sex feeling more like a chore if you haven’t created ways to make sex feel more exciting.

If you want to have a great sex life and keep the sizzle of sexual attraction alive in your relationship, even years after lying in the same bed with each other, you need to understand these 8 sex secrets. Below are 8 sex secrets for a perfect relationship and ways to ensure sex stays exciting:

1 Physical Attraction

Try to look better for each other. Workout, the fitter you look, the sexier you’d look and feel, which will increase your sex appeal and makes you a better lover too.

2. Talk about sex

When you talk about sex and sexual fantasies, you will better understand each other’s desires and expectations. Don’t be shy, these talks will lead to better sex afterwards.

3. Hide your sexy bits

Don’t be naked all the time in front of your partner, as it will desensitize you. Create the wonder, the anticipation and the desire by not revealing all at once. Keep the mystery alive.

4. Sexy imagination

The mind is a powerful sexual tool; use it to create more intense, lustful and exciting sex. Talk about your fantasies during sex, it’ll bring the spark back.

5. Sex is happiness

Regular sex contributes to your happiness. Sex stimulates he release of endorphins that make you feel good about yourself. Sex eliminates stress and headaches and sex makes you feel beautiful too.

6. Dress up and look sexy

Dressing up and looking sexy decreases the chance of your partner cheating on you, why? If you find someone sexually attractive you’ll find it very hard to lie to him or her or do something that offends him or her.

7. Don’t forget foreplay

The longer the foreplay, the more intense the orgasm and the pleasure you experience. Take time to fool around before you jump into the big act.

8. Love is not enough

For a relationship to truly last, you need love and lust. Romantic love is made of a perfect dose of love and lust. A romantic walk down the beach is sealed in perfect bliss when you end hiding in the dunes making out.

A perfect relationship needs a good blend of love and sexual intimacy to stay perfect.


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