8 signs your relationship will last

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8 signs your relationship will last

How do you know if you relationship will last?

Some relationships are strong and last, others are flimsy and end prematurely. What is it that makes one relationship see old age and others strive to make it through the next day?

People in relationships have to be more than just partners or lovers; they have to be best friends.

Best friends have a special relationship because they understand, are lenient and flexible to each other. Best friends care and respect each other and understand that they do not own each other.

Most relationships end because people don’t see each other as true equals but as possessions or as means to an end.

Here are 8 signs your relationship will last:

1.    Your partner is the one you approach first with your problems

Your partner is the first person you approach with any problems you have, whether work or just because you had a bad day. You trust you partner fully with any issue no matter how bigl or small.

2.    You have more fun with your partner than any of your other friends

Our best friends are the people we enjoy spending most time with and if your partner happens to be your best friend then you are inclined to want to spend time with them. Not to say that you don’t enjoy other friends company but if you start feeling that you wish your partner was there too as part of the group then you know that you have a true friend in your partner.

3.    You get each other at a glance

You can get each other and know what the other is thinking and if you burst out laughing at things that no one else understands then you have found a lover and a best friend.

4.    Have a lot in common

You like the same things; you enjoy watching the same genre movies, the same sports games, enjoy the same food and have the same opinions. It’s nice to be around someone who gets you and sees the world through your eyes.

5.   You don’t fight often but when you do, neither takes it too seriously

Best friends argue but never take things too seriously or personally. They forget and forgive immediately since they know that they have something really special and nothing is worth jeopardizing that friendship.

6.   You are comfortable just hanging out with each other

You can enjoy doing absolutely nothing and still love every minute of it. You can go for walks, talk or just sit in silence and comfortably enjoy each other’s company.

7.   You seek advice from each other

You help each other make better decisions and provide guidance whenever needed. You trust each other with the most important decisions of your life.

8.   You are happier together

Your partner makes you happier than any other person in your life.


If your partner is indeed your lover, your companion and your best friend then you have found yourself a relationship that will withstand the test of times.


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