8 Tips on How to Impress Your Crush

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8 Tips on How to Impress Your Crush

Having a crush on someone can drive you crazy. When you like someone, in most cases you will be nervous and shy when you have to do something that will catch their attention. Which is why you need to know how to impress your crush. 8 Tips on how to impress your crush.

1. Be Real

Nobody is attracted to fake people. When we try to impress someone we tend to make ourselves look better and more interesting, but there is a line between flattering yourself and saying things that aren’t true. Don’t pretend to like everything that they like just so they would like you more or just to have something to talk about. You have to wear things that you would normally wear, something that will make you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.

2. Be Honest

As we are all aware, we don’t have the power to read other people’s minds, so it is important that you let your crush know that you like him. If you are interested in trying to have a long-term relationship you should make that clear and on the other hand, if you want a fling you need to let your church know that you aren’t looking for something long-term.

3. Always Smile

Your beautiful smile is one of the most powerful things that you can use to warm your crushes heart. Because of that, whenever you see him smile big. There is nothing easier way to impress your crush than being friendly and approachable.

4. Be Funny

All of us have heard people say that there is nothing more appealing than someone who knows how to make you laugh. Being funny is one of the most efficient ways of seducing your crush. So, if you have a good sense of humour you have nothing to worry about. But if you don’t have or you don’t think that you have a good sense of humour don’t try to force because that will only make it worse.

5. Take Care of Yourself

No one can deny that being physically attractive is a head-turner. But, you have to keep in mind that you can’t and don’t have to look like a famous person for your crush to like you. Do what you like and wear what you like. Most girls in Australia like to pamper themselves before going on dates. So go get a new fresh hair-do or visit an eyebrow tattoo studio in Sydney and get your eyebrows done by amazing professionals. Do something that will make you feel better about yourself.

6.Don’t Be Ashamed To Talk About Your Passions

When we are talking about our passions and things or people that we love we get a distinct glow in our eyes. Having someone passionately talk about something that they love, sharing that part of their life with you is really important in order to start a positive relationship. Never be afraid to share your opinions and passions with your crush. Sharing those things will help them see you for who you truly are.

7. Always Listen

Let’s be honest, we all love talking about ourselves, but when you want to impress your crush, you need to make sure that you are listening to what he has to say. You should share information about yourself but you need to make sure that you have engaging conversations where you are learning things about him. Don’t be ashamed to ask him questions and be engaging.

8. Don’t Talk About Your Exes

No matter what topic you and your crush are talking about, don’t go into detail about your past relationships, dates or crushes. You wouldn’t be comfortable if your crush talked about his past relationships. That is also the best way to get into the friend-zone with your crush.

Let’s face it, it will never be easy to impress someone you like. Sometimes you will get disappointed and sometimes it will work. The most important thing is that you stay confident and be who you really are. There is nothing more attractive than someone who is confident.


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