8 Ways a Business Lawyer Can Be Helpful When Starting a Company

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8 Ways a Business Lawyer Can Be Helpful When Starting a Company

When you see a business being run smoothly, just know that many people do their best every day to make it seem effortless. When starting a company, expect many issues and uncertainties, so it’s a great idea to add another member to your team. A business lawyer who will protect your interest and allow you to dedicate your time to running a company instead of dealing with legal questions. Here are all the most common instances where having a business lawyer by your side can be very useful. 8 ways a business lawyer can be helpful when starting a company.

1. When choosing a business structure

If you don’t choose a proper business structure from the beginning, you can find yourself surrounded by a lot of legal issues in the future. So, to start your business on the right foot, consult with a lawyer who will assess your business, teach you a thing or two about liabilities, taxes, employees and setup costs, and allow you to make the right business structure decision

2. In preventing lawsuits

8 Ways a Business Lawyer Can Be Helpful When Starting a Company

Your business is unfortunately always exposed to lawsuits, so your business lawyer can help with that as well. By hiring a lawyer, you can always have legal help when it comes to the order of state or employment law. It’s important to be proactive with lawsuits since keeping a clean house will save you a lot of money and nerve in the future. 

3. When dealing with banks

It’s almost certain that you’ll need to open a new bank account (or multiple bank accounts) before starting your company. Some companies also choose to apply for credit if they are eligible. All of these actions involve a lot of documentation, so you have a plethora of reasons to hire someone who understands business finances. If you hire a local lawyer, they can also assist with the bank choice and give you tips on the best types of accounts for your business so you don’t end up struggling shortly after you start your company. Additionally, you can get help with organizing your accounts and taxes and learning how to keep them separate from your personal finances. 

4. In drafting contracts

8 Ways a Business Lawyer Can Be Helpful When Starting a Company

No matter if you’re dealing with employee contracts, vendor contracts, customer contracts or something else, all business legal documents should be examined by your lawyer. Not sure if you need a contract or not? Your lawyer can bring you clarity here as well.  

5. When dealing with employees

When you’re starting a business, you’ll likely have the need to hire help, even though you might be able to handle everything yourself for now. No matter if you need permanent employees or independent contractors, all business relationships of this type require good planning and documentation. That is why you should consider hiring a local lawyer who will ensure you have a safe and legal operation and that every party in your business relationship is satisfied with the arrangement. 

6. In protecting your property

8 Ways a Business Lawyer Can Be Helpful When Starting a Company

Things like product designs, trade secrets, recipes, original works, services, inventions and logos all fall into the category of intellectual property. Just like your physical property, intellectual property can and should be protected so your business can stay distinctive and competitive. Your lawyer can analyze your property and file for a patent, trademark, or copyright, ensuring you always have the legal right to your intellectual property. 

7. When leasing or buying workspace

If you run your business from home, you can skip this point, but if you’re looking to set up shop somewhere outside your home, you will need to rent or buy a property. No matter if you’re looking for an office, a building, a warehouse, or any other commercial space, you want your attorney to look into the contracts, study the fine print and check out all the terms and agreements when buying or leasing. 

8. When connecting with investors

8 Ways a Business Lawyer Can Be Helpful When Starting a Company

Business lawyers work with a lot of people, some of which can be very useful for your business. A good lawyer is always willing to introduce people who might benefit from one another, so expect to create some priceless connections through your lawyer. You can get access to investors and venture capitalists so you can have a network of experienced people backing your business in its early days, especially when it comes to funding and high valuation. 

You as a business owner need to have time to build your brand and produce happy customers, and your business lawyer can provide you with all the tools and help you need to make that possible. 


Chloe is a graduated journalist from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator.

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