9 Lesser-Known Facts about Australian Cattle Dogs

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9 Lesser-Known Facts about Australian Cattle Dogs

Dogs always prove themselves loyal friends of humans. And talking particularly about Australian Cattle Dogs, they are far more than just loyal canines. Australian Cattle Dogs are known for their energy and smartness. That is the reason they are called Heelers.

If you too are looking for an Australian Cattle Dogs For Sale or already got one for yourself, then you may be aware of their amazingly energetic behaviour and super productive nature. But apart from that, there are many lesser-known facts and qualities of Australian Cattle Dogs which we are going to share in this article today. Scroll down to know more all about them.

1. Heeler Puppies When Born Are White

Australian Cattle Dogs are black and a little brownish but it is surprising to know that when their puppies are born, they are white. It is being said that Australian Cattle Dogs are of Dalmatian Heritage and the white colour puppies at the birth may be associated with their Dalmatian Past. However, soon these puppies change their colour and within a time of 6 weeks or so these puppies start showing new patterns and colour textures on their bodies.

2. Quality of Working With Cattles Come By Birth

They do not need to train. They know everything by birth. Australian Cattle Dogs are called Heelers for the reason that they can quickly drive the cattle by pinching at their heels. Cattles are a little grumpy and larger. So, they need a dog that deals with them and can draw their attention. Australian Cattle Dogs does this well.

3. The Oldest Dog On The Earth

It is quite interesting to know that the Guinness World Record is held by Australian Cattle Dogs for being the oldest of all dogs on the planet. The average life expectancy of these dogs is 12 to 15 years but they can survive much longer. One of the Australian cattle Dogs of this breed named “Bluey” has a record of sustaining for 29 years and 5 months which is incredible.

4. Australian Cattle Dogs Are Known From Different Names

You might have known them as Blue Heelers or Red Heelers or simply Australian Heelers. They are called Heelers because while working with cattle they nip them on their heels so that they run and work faster. This is the reason that people call them healers. Plus many people address them as per their coat colour or origin. So, they have multiple identities and names.

Because of their wish to remain near to their masters, “Shadow dogs” is a common name for Australian cattle dogs.

5. They Have Water Resistant Coat

It is quite nice for these dogs or we can say God’s blessing that they come with waterproof coats. This means that during the rainy season, their coat remains dry. These dogs have dual layers of coats. The upper layer and inner layer. The Upper layer acts as a cover. The upper coat supplies needed water and moisture to the inner layer hence regular brushing of the loose hair is just enough. Bathing is also not regularly needed for them. Yes, if they get into dirt or mud, then a bath is necessary.

6. Australian Cattle Dogs Are Intelligent

Being called intelligent is a great compliment to us as humans. Australian Cattle Dogs also enjoy this compliment. Research has established that these dogs are quite smart, wise, and intelligent as compared to other similar breeds of dogs. However, with an ample amount of training and support, their intelligence can be channelized into great things. These dogs are the smartest of all in the canine community. They need to be trained for utilizing their intelligence in constructive and productive work.

7. They have a “Bentley mark” on their head

The “Bentley Star” often known as “Bentley Mark” is a trait of the Australian Cattle Dog that consists of a cluster of white hairs on the dog’s brow.

This physical characteristic can be found in red and blue heelers alike, regardless of coat colour.

8. They Are Added To the Australian Kennel Club (AKC) & United Kennel Club (UKC)

The Australian Kennel Club was set up in 1903. This club is a standard benchmark for dog breeds and for any dog, it is a great honour to be a part of the club. In 1980, AKC recognized Australian Cattle Dogs and welcomed them to the club. Also, 5 years later, the United Kennel Club 1985 has recognized it and acclaimed them in herding group from working dogs.

9. Have Some Health Problems

It is sad to know that these dogs suffer from some inherited health problems that have naturally occurred. They are crossbred, so they have to suffer some health problems like deafness. As per the report issued by AKC, it has been mentioned that these dogs need health attention.

It has also been suggested that their breeders should get them checked for progressive retinal atrophy to cure them of blindness. Breeders should take care that no wax settles up in their ears which leads to deafness and their teeth should also be clean regularly.


The hard-working Australian Cattle dog is best suited to any environment and is the farmer’s best friend. They have a lot of qualities with some upsetting health issues.

If you are looking for an Australian cattle dog then remember. It is a highly energetic breed and thrives on demanding tasks. They are wary of strangers and tend to get destructive when bored.

Featured photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash
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