9 Reasons Engadine Is The Best Suburb In Australia

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9 Reasons Engadine Is The Best Suburb In Australia

Australia is the home of beauty and natural attractions, with several suburbs competing for the best places to live. Engadine, a suburb located in New South Wales, is increasingly punching above its weight as the best suburb in Australia. Here are 9 reasons Engadine is the best suburb in Australia.

A perfect blend of residential and commercial areas

Engadine is a residential area, which makes it an ideal location to raise a family. But it also has a good number of commercial areas. These areas are mainly close to the Engadine railway station and the Princes Highway. You’ll also find a wide range of shopping centres in the area.

Transportation and access

For most parts, the Engadine railway station is the primary transportation option. The railway station is on the Illawarra line of the Sydney Trains network, close to the Princes Highway. There are also several bus routes available to and from the location, or you can drive instead.

Schools and other educational facilities

Engadine offers a comprehensive option of educational facilities. Whether you’re looking for a primary or tertiary-level educational institution, the options available in the location are some of the best you’ll find anywhere in Sydney or Australia as a whole.

Population and lifestyle

The most recent population census shows that there are 17,375 inhabitants of Engadine. Many people consider this location a true embodiment of the Sutherland Shire lifestyle. For starters, it is regarded as the most prominent suburb in the region regarding population size. Secondly, it stays true in its roots. So, if you’re fond of the Sutherland Shire lifestyle, Engadine is a perfect location.


Engadine mostly has an oceanic climate dominating, with the most rain falling between February and March. For most of the year, particularly from March to November (except June and July), you’re most likely to experience ideal weather with pleasant temperatures.


Engadine offers every accommodation type you need, whether for a long-term permanent stay or short term. But that’s not all; you’ll also find reliable real estate agents to help you locate your ideal accommodation type. Experienced removalists are available to make your moving day a breeze if you want to live in Engadine.


Generally, Engadine is a safe location and ranks as one of the lowest crime per capita rankings in Sydney’s suburbs.


While many people may think that transport in such suburbs is mostly poor, getting out and about is gradually getting better in this location, there’s still a lot more to be done in the area of access and transport, as the options aren’t a great deal. For example, not every train service from Central go through to Engadine.

Natural attractions

Engadine nestles beautifully between the Heathcote National park to the west and the Royal National Park to the east. The location also offers a stunning view across the Sydney Basin.

This list is in no way exhaustive, as there are countless more reasons why Engadine is the best suburb in Australia. The location offers almost everything anyone will look for in a great destination.

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