9 Reasons Kogarah is the Best Place to Live

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9 Reasons Kogarah is the Best Place to Live

Have you been thinking about where you can live in Sydney? Kogarah, a suburb in New South Wales, could be the most suitable. Although not popular, Kogarah is a safe area with adequate amenities and proximity to Sydney’s CBD. 

Various factors make a place worth living, but the following reasons set Kogarah on top of the competition. 9 reasons Kogarah is the best place to live.

1. Location 

Kogarah is the heart of the St. George region, sitting 14 kilometres away from Sydney’s CBD. This location makes it convenient for you to frequent the CBD and other suburbs within St. George. 

2. Accessibility

You can navigate Kogarah and surrounding areas using buses, taxis, or a train. Most buses terminate or begin their trips near the Kogarah railway station. 

You can also fly to faraway destinations or jet into Kogarah using Sydney’s international airport a short distance away. 

3. Real Estate

The availability and accessibility of property in Kogarah make it a great place to live. There are various real estate agents to help you acquire property within a short time. The prices are also relatively affordable; for instance, you can buy a house for as low as $1 million or rent an apartment for $420 every week.

4. Housing Types

There are many types of housing in Kogarah suitable for all your needs. You can pick a detached house, a flat, or an apartment. You can also choose to live in various sites such as the beaches, close to the railway station, or the area’s backstreets.

5. Safety 

Safety is key to a peaceful and progressive life. Kogarah is a place where you, your family, and your property are guaranteed to be safe. Kogarah’s safety and high growth potential make it conducive for your long-term investments.

6. Schools and Churches

Kogarah boasts of many schools, an advantage if you have school-going kids. You can choose a school and enjoy its affordable fees and quality education for your kids.

Kogarah can also be considered a religious hub with many churches and other worship facilities for your spiritual nourishment.

7. Recreational Facilities

Leisure time is precious, especially after a busy week. You can maximise it by playing or watching games at WIN Stadium, enjoying cultural activities at Jubilee Oval, or visiting parks and reserves. 

8. Commercial

It is unnecessary to travel far for your shopping spree; you can get all types of commercial services at Kogarah town centre. You can get banking services at St. George bank, medical attention at St. George Hospital, and mailing services at the post office.

9. Demographics 

The 2016 census report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that 15,124 people live in Kogarah. The people originate from various countries and have different religious beliefs. The median age of Kogarah’s population is 33 to 34 years. 

The diversification of people in Kogarah and the young population will make you feel lively and motivated towards achieving your goals.


Kogarah is a suitable place for everyone. If you have a family, are starting your career, or working in Sydney city, Kogarah is the best choice. If you decide to move to Kogarah, you will have all these facilities right on your doorstep!

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