9 reasons why sex makes you beautiful

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9 reasons why sex makes you beautiful

Women spend hours and countless amount of money using beauty products to make themselves beautiful. Men and women equally spend a great deal of time at gyms trying to keep fit and healthy, which is a good investment of time and effort. However, nature has given us a natural way to look and stay beautiful. The advantages are that is free, natural, fun and it includes orgasms – sex!

Sex is the complete beauty and health enhancer. It beats any beauty products and procedure in the market currently.  Sex makes you beautiful and here are the 9 reasons why you should start incorporate orgasms into your beauty routine.

1.    Makes you glow

Your hair gets shinier and your skin becomes luminous. Estrogen, which contributes to healthier hair and skin, increases production in women who have frequent sex. Collagen production also increases and therefore skin becomes supple and firm. During sex you get excited and blood increases to your face making your cheeks will naturally flush, your lips will have that perfect red pout and your skin will glow.  Sex is nature’s makeup!   No need to invest in expensive lotions and hair care products.

2.    Youthful appearance

Frequent sex makes you look younger. People who have sex three or four times a week tend to look younger. Good blood flow brings nutrients and oxygen to the skin, which staves off wrinkling. Guess what increases blood flow and makes your skin act younger? SEX.

3.    Natural antidepressant

During sex you release serotonin and DHEA. Serotonin regulates your mood and makes you feel happy and positive. DHEA has antidepressant effects and boosts immunity. Sex makes you look happy and beautiful.

4.    Increased


We all know that the sexiest thing a woman can have is confidence. After some frolicking, you’ll walk with an even more feminine gait. Your head is held high, your hips swaying from side to side—in other words, you’re getting your strut on. That confidence just reels the men right back in, creating a perfect cycle of sex appeal. Sex equals confidence.

5.  Stress reliever

Sex is the best stress reliever when you’re having sex regularly, the calming effects decreasing the stress effects. When you orgasm a dose of oxytocin is released in your body. Oxytocin wipes out cortisol, a major stress hormone.

6Orgasms flatten your belly

The presence of high amounts of cortisol in the body contributes to potbelly. Oxytocin produced from orgasms will help you get rid of that belly.

7. Busting Out

During sex, you’ll have even more to show off. During sex, breasts swell up to 25% and nipple height increases a half-inch. You’ll be wowing your man without having to wear your Wonder Bra.

8. Exposes a better you

All the feel good chemicals released after an orgasm uplifts you and exposes a better you. Dopamine increases your drive and ambition. Oxytocin makes you more relaxed, patient and caring. Testosterone will make you perform better at work and endorphins will reduce stress.

9. Sex is great for your well being

Sex is good for your whole body; your heart rate and blood pressure double, and burns calories  – sex can give you a great cardio workout. Orgasms induce the production of phenylethylamine, which increases happiness, confidence, focus and curbs appetite.

Sex clearly makes you look and feel younger so by having more of it you can both turn back the hands of time.


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