9 Reasons to Live in Shellharbour

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9 Reasons to Live in Shellharbour

There are a handful of places in New South Wales South Coast matching the natural beauty in Shellharbour. It lies perfectly between the serenity of the Tasman sea and the breathtaking Illawarra Escarpment. 

Shellharbour boasts some of the best surf beaches, dive sites and gorgeous beaches on the southern coast of New South Wales. The surrounding area consists of fantastic surf breaks, farmland and lush rainforest. It’s hard to believe that this vibrant town was once a sleepy coastal village.

Read on for the top 9 reasons to live in Shellharbour

1) Gorgeous Beaches and Water Sports

Shellharbour’s coastline is home to white-sand beaches and one of the most popular National Surfing Reserves in Australia at Killalea. It’s perfect for surfing, diving, snorkelling, scuba diving, paddle boarding and various water sports.

There are fantastic fishing spots on the serene Lake Illawarra, or you can enjoy biking at sunset. 

2) Underwater Exploring

The iconic Bass Point Reserve covers 72 hectares of the coastal region. It is home to natural aquatic habitats bursting with marine life such as giant cuttlefish, sea dragons, and bull stingrays. You’ll also see grey nurse sharks, blue gropers and eastern blue devils.

Besides the hundreds of species of marine life, the Bass Point Reserve has six shipwrecks from 1879 near the coast. You can still see the boilers and engines of the SS Cities Service Boston from 1943 and a World War II oil tanker.

3) Explore Paddle Boarding 

Paddle boarding is an excellent way to explore the Minnamurra River and Lake Illawarra. The panoramic views of the sunrise and sunsets will take your breath away.

If you’re new at paddle boarding, you can learn skills from experts at a Stand Up Paddle Boarding School.

4) Plush Golf Courses

If you prefer a round of golf on the weekends, you’ll love the nearby golf courses, such as the Calderwood Valley Golf Course. It sits beautifully on the edge of cliffs along the Illawarra Escarpment. 

5) Surf Lessons

If you’re a beginner at surfing, Shellharbour has space for you too. There are various schools along the beach, such as Pines Surfing Academy and Australian Surf Tours, where you can enrol in surf lessons. 

These surf schools have accreditation to provide lessons for all skill levels. It’s a fantastic hobby you should consider adopting once you get to Shellharbour.

6) The HARS Aviation Museum

Every May, the Shellharbour Airport hosts the largest air show in Australia, Wings Over Illawarra. You can also enjoy a ride on Touchdown Helicopters for a breathtaking view of Shellharbour in the sunset.

The Illawarra Light Railway museum also has railway carriages from the age of diesel and steam engines. 

7) Economic Developments

Over the last ten years, the population in Shellharbour grew, boosting the economy. This growth is also because it links communities from Illawarra Shoalhaven Region and Wollongong through the commuter belt.

Developments have led to more amenities and investment opportunities as the population increases.

8) Safety and Security

Shellharbour City Council ensures the community remains safe to visit, work and live. The Council collaborates with government agencies, community organisations, businesses and residents to ensure everyone can go about their lives without fear.

9) Career Opportunities

There’s high demand and job opportunities in the entertainment, accommodation and hospitality sectors. It diversifies the employment opportunities, so there’s less to worry about a job when you move to Shellharbour.


Shellharbour is a fantastic place to live, work, invest or do business. There are numerous opportunities in the tourism and service industries. The housing is affordable, and there are plenty of outdoor activities. 

You can confidently decide it’s time to move to Shellharbour now. Regardless of your style, there’s something for you in this magnificent seaside destination.

featured photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash
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