9 Reasons You Should Live in Sutherland Shire

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9 Reasons You Should Live in Sutherland Shire

Sutherland Shire is a great suburb that lies within reach of both Sydney City and beautiful, pristine beaches. It is primarily green, spacious and well-balanced for work, business, family life and leisure. Here are the top 9 reasons to make a move to the Sutherland Shire. Read on the 9 reasons you should live in Sutherland Shire.

1. Great Neighbourhood Profile

At a glance, Sutherland Shire is the ideal place for small families, professionals and retirees. It is only 35 minutes away from Sydney CBD by public transport, or 45 minutes when you drive. The Sutherland Leisure Centre is a major highlight with great amenities for the whole family.

2. High Liveability Rankings

According to the Life in Australia 2020 survey by Ipsos, Sutherland Shire is the second most livable place in Australia. Sutherland Shire came second only after Adelaide Central and Hills. Sutherland Shire also scores well on good job prospects, a great economy, and high-quality education opportunities.

3. Proximity to Sydney

You can easily commute between Sydney and Sutherland Shire by train. The express or limit-stop trains take about 30 minutes to Sydney. If you move to the Sutherland Shire, you can reduce your transit time while still living close to a natural environment.

4. Spacious Suburban Environment

Sutherland Shire has wide, generous streets lined with trees. Properties around the Wonorora River have lovely waterfront and hillside views. The communities are small enough to know your neighbours but private sufficient to live a quiet independent life.

5. Diverse Property Options

Sutherland Shire has a mix of older homes and brick unit blocks with ultramodern properties coming up in the area. A townhouse or a duplex costs around $750,000. A two-bedroom apartment may cost less than $600,000 for a small family.

6. Sports and Recreation Opportunities

Sutherland Shire is generally sports-oriented. There are several sports fields, pitches, training schools, clubs, and complexes for swimming, cricket and football. The Sutherland parks are also great for a casual football game or simply to relax over a picnic with friends and family.

7. Homegrown Cafés and Restaurants

Local cafés and eateries in Sutherland Shire offer a range of fast food to modern style menus. There are also some famous spots like Boyles and The Royal that are part of the Sutherland heritage.

8. Great for Outdoor Lovers

Inside Sutherland Shire is Peace Park on the east side and the Woronora River on the west side. Cronulla is popular for its gorgeous beaches, which are about 20 minutes away by car. Outdoor lovers can go fishing and canoeing to nature walks, surfing and sunbathing.

9. Education Options for Kids

The Sutherland Shire community takes great pride in the quality of its teachers at all levels. Public, private and religious-based schools in Sutherland rank highly across the country. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, several schools in Sutherland performed exceptionally well in 2020.


Sutherland Shire is affordable for first-time homebuyers, young families, and even retired senior citizens. If you’re looking to downsize to a smaller property or upgrade your home size, something will always suit your needs. Make a move to the Sutherland

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