A Basic Understanding of Surveyors

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A Basic Understanding of Surveyors

If you are new to the concept of surveyors; they are professionals responsible for keeping the traffic flowing smoothly, water running, and people moving. They are the chief architects shaping the roads, bridges, and tunnels, our skyscrapers, stations, and stadiums. Surveyors can be of several types; some of them work in mines and fields and on cliffs and beaches. They are the ones who do the valuation of your house as well as the commercial premises. A lot depends on them as they strive hard to ensure safer homes and happier communities. Let’s have a basic understanding of surveyors.

Where do Surveyors work?

A surveyor is expert in taking the precise measurements of a property, and they work both in the fields as well as office. The job of a qualified and licensed surveyor is no mean feat. He has to be in an inhospitable environment and wait for hours to get the job done. Since this profession requires considerable fieldwork, they also need to work in difficult terrain with bad weather. Surveyors sometimes climb hills with heavy packs of surveying instruments. When working near hazards such as traffic, surveyors generally wear brightly coloured or reflective vests so they may be seen more easily. When working in underground mines, surveyors work in enclosed spaces.

Duties of Surveyors:

  • They need to measure distances and angles between points on, above, and below the earth’s surface
  • Travel to locations and use known reference points to determine the exact location of important features
  • Research land records, survey records, and land titles
  • Look for evidence of previous boundaries to determine where boundary lines are located
  • They record the results of surveying and verify the accuracy of data
  • They are responsible for preparing plots, maps, and reports
  • Present findings to clients and government agencies
  • Establish official land and water boundaries for deeds, leases, and other legal documents and testify in court regarding survey work


Surveyor’s role in construction and infrastructure:

Specific duties of construction and infrastructure surveyors are discussed below. There are different types of construction and infrastructure surveyors, e.g., building, project management, quantity, building control and infrastructure surveyors.

  • Building surveyors

Help to create and supervise everything from towering skyscrapers to simple home extensions.

  • Project management surveyors

Run teams to deliver projects on time and within budget.

  • Quantity surveyors

Assess the financial impact and profitability of construction projects.

  • Building control surveyors

Design and manage the use of buildings to make sure they comply with laws and regulations.

  • Infrastructure surveyors

Ensure the effective running and connecting of cities, including rail, road, broadband, and electricity.

Surveyor’s Role in a Property:

Property surveyors are people who work in housing, business, and personal property. There are subcategories

like valuation, management consultancy, and facilities management surveyors. They value all kinds of property available to them, ranging from private premises to commercial property.

  • Property surveyors

Value, sell, rent, and manage all types of housing and businesses, from offices to shops and restaurants.

  • Valuation surveyors

Analyze and measure the value of buildings or businesses: for example, how much is the commercial property actually worth?

  • Management consultancy surveyors

maximize business performance by running operations, strategies, and structures.

  • Facility management

Surveyors add value to businesses by creating vibrant, productive workplaces.


In this article, we have discussed the fundamental facts about surveyors and their primary duties in specific domains. They have years of experience with local authorities, and they can get the valuation of the property done in no time. They are the right professionals for making the structural or building survey. Hope this article answers your primary questions about them.


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