A Comprehensive Guide To Home Energy Management System

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A Comprehensive Guide To Home Energy Management System

Due to the increasing popularity of sustainable energy, the improvement of Australian energy productivity, and the decline in average electricity prices, there has been a marked fall in energy expenditure. Many energy experts agree that sustainable energy technologies have played an active and immense role in reducing energy expenditure in Australian households. However, the smart grid has been one of the technologies that have emerged in recent years to improve the sustainability of energy consumption. This technology is beneficial for the rising demand for electricity in industries. It also reduces carbon emissions and by so doing, conserves the environment. Smart grid technology uses computer technology to enhance the functionality of the power system. This also helps to optimise the system’s capabilities.

One of the biggest benefits of the smart grid system is that it allows the consumers of energy to play an active role in the management of their energy consumption. One component of the smart grid system that helps to achieve this benefit is the home energy management system (HEMS). Here is a comprehensive guide to home energy management system.

What is the Home Energy Management System?

Also known as home energy monitoring systems, HEMS can be defined as a technology that consists of hardware and software which are linked and integrated to monitor energy usage, providing feedback on energy consumption. Simultaneously, it also enhances the control over appliances and devices that consumes energy in the home. In simple words, HEMS allows households to manage their energy consumption more effectively. Home energy management systems allow users to have more control over power-intensive loads and can customise power consumption to their specific needs.

According to research, most Australians are receiving home energy management systems quite well. Additionally, the same report predicts that the size of the global market will grow to $3.515 billion by the year 2022. Whatever the purpose is, the popularity of HEMS is bound to continue growing in the world.

These systems consist of hardware and software.


Home energy management systems usually consist of a device that serves as the platform that acts as a link for communication between the user, the household appliances, and devices, and sometimes even the utility firm takes place. There are two main ways to install the device; physically on the electrical board or virtually where the system operates on a wireless network.


The software used in HEMS is responsible for the moderation of incoming and outgoing data, and communication. For instance, through a software interface, users can have the access to monitor and control the functions of the home energy monitoring system. Monitoring allows you to get various feedback from the system including which devices are turned on/off. It even showcases the individual energy consumption of specific devices.

On the other hand, the control function allows you to control appliances either via a user interface (remote control) or by scheduling and optimising the task through rule-based controls. For example, you can schedule an appliance to switch on at a certain time.

What does a HEMS monitor and manage?

Home energy management systems can vary depending on the breadth of their applications. There are four main aspects of home energy that a HEMS can be involved in. Some HEMS operate with all four, while others may only work with a few. Here are the four main aspects:

  • Electricity
  • Solar PV
  • Battery storage
  • Solar thermal

Where to find the best Energy Management System?

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