A Couple Glasses of Red Wine Can Make Your Sex Life Better

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A Couple Glasses of red wine can make your sex life better

An Italian study shows, having a couple glasses of red wine every day can increase your sex drive.  You read it right, a couple glasses of red wine can make your sex life better. Resveratrol, a natural chemical in red wine, has shown to have many health benefits. It slows the onset of dementia, is the key to staying slim, it lowers the chances of allergies, and lowers your risk of diabetes.

There were already plenty of reasons why you should be guzzling the stuff. Now studies show that red wine increases sexual arousal in both men and women.

According to the research, a man who downs two glasses of red wine per day will have a higher testosterone level than the dude who doesn’t favour drinking red wine at all.

Red wine affects a woman’s appetite for sex by increasing blood flow to the sensitive 9erogenous zones) parts of her body. Hence, why she becomes super aroused.

So pour yourself a glass of red wine, because it’s good for you and make you horny – win win.

A Couple Glasses of Red Wine Can Make Your Sex Life Better

Mind you, stick to two glasses only because studies show that more than that causes your libido to flop.

The video below lists 10 additional benefits of red wine:

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