A Different Approach To Market Your Product By Going Live

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A Different Approach To Market Your Product By Going Live

We all know how marketing techniques have taken different approaches and how brands try new styles and ways to make their product stand out. Marketing tactics are dynamic and it is necessary to experiment with your marketing skills in order to engage potential customers and maintain consistency. Social media platforms are ruling over the world. They have become popular platforms for online businesses that wish to go global. Facebook is the pre-eminent digital platform used and by far the most reliable one. Instagram too runs simultaneously as the most used platform. You can use a dashing ad maker as well to promote your brand. Use a different approach to market your product by going live.

Why and how can Facebook be used differently to market your products?

Brands can also make video content to engage customers. Video posts can be easily made with various Video Makers available online. Nowadays all brands have an online page and post engaging content to grab the attention of the viewers. But there is a different option too which brands now take advantage of. Facebook live is trending where the brands go to life and engage with the audience. To know more about their needs and also raise brand awareness.  Facebook live receives 3X higher engagement than a video that is no longer live. To get started, there are certain ways as to how you should use Facebook Live in your Marketing Campaign.

  • Audience Connection

Facebook live tends to build a connection with your audience as it’s just like meeting your customers in person since the event is happening “face to face” and in real-time. Facebook live builds trust in the minds of the people who are watching your live video by showing that there are real, caring humans behind your business. This leads to more business in the door.

  • Questions can be answered real quick

In Facebook live, as you interact with the audience and customers, you are in a way having a formal conversation with them. The live option allows you to answer your followers’ questions in real-time. In this

way, you can engage with your viewers when they’re most interested.

However, it is suggested to be consistent with the time and day of the week you go live. This helps the audience know when to be ready beforehand. Feature hosts who are confident and quick in answering the questions raised by their fellow audience.

  • Let the people feel involved

You can make the audience feel special in every way possible in order to generate good returns. Broadcast your events and connect with your customers or leads who weren’t able to attend. Go live while having a local event or maybe by calling a guest speaker in your office. In this way, the people who couldn’t make it or cannot be a part of the actual event can now be involved with the live streaming!

  • Inform about the industry trends

Share Industry-Related updates with your audience without being overly sales-focused. People will start turning to you as their reliable source for recent information on industry news, and in this way, you’ll build a loyal and engaged following.

  • Share your company culture

The live feature is the best way to show off your values behind your company be it strolling around the office or showing your workspace or just a sneak peek into a company outing or event. Sharing your culture results in getting new followers who might be interested in your brand or just for the matter of recruiting new hires.

What are the steps to go live?

There are 5 easy ways to get started to go live. They are:

#1 – Select the “Live Video Button” on your Facebook Page by clicking on the Facebook profile.

# 2 – Click on Worthy Description to write a description of your video.

# 3 – Get in position and hit “Go Live”. Be casual and authentic.

# 4 – Click on “Finish” once your post is done.

# 5 – You can post your live video on your page and make any desired edits. This can be done for late viewers to enjoy who missed out on your live video.

Case Study

Recently Swiggy launched a new campaign wherein they picked up some eminent personalities to go live from the brand’s page and also from the person’s page. In this campaign where they went live on Instagram, the person makes a dish which in the end does not seem very delightful tells the audience to not waste time and ‘swiggy’ it.

It was a very smart move to not publicize their brand on their own but with the help of prominent personalities who seem to give their reviews and feedback. This makes the audience build a strong trust towards the brand as the person who is promoting, itself has tried it and given approval.


Facebook live streaming is a new feature that is in use but not massively. However, it is not too late to utilize this feature by the brands as this type of marketing can be done almost at any time and any preferable place. This guide can be very useful if you are planning to start your first ever Facebook Live Video!

Do let us know how it went about by sharing below!

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