A Finish With Flair: The Beauty Of Textured Render Finish

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A Finish With Flair: The Beauty Of Textured Render Finish

It is somewhat complicated and difficult to give a beautiful look to the walls of a house, office and other spaces. With textured render finish, however, one can give a completely elegant and formal look to any wall.

When anyone enters a room, the thing that stands out first, are walls. It’s colour, the look, the feel and polish of the walls. Both interior and exterior walls will make your house feel beautiful. Stuck on what to apply to get an elegant look for your house, bungalow, office or a villa. You should maybe consider a textured render finish which will completely change the appearance of your walls.

Rendering is the process of combining cement, lime, and water and then applying to the walls. Resulting in a beautiful and smooth finishing touch. Customers can go with multiple textured render finish according to their requirements.

Let’s Have A look At Few Reasons which Define Why You Should Opt For Textured Render Finish:

A Finish With Flair: The Beauty Of Textured Render Finish -Textured Render Finish

• Rendering gives an artful look to the walls: Rendering helps to make the appearance of your house or office walls beautiful. Dull look of the walls transforms to bright look with the application of texture coat. Correct selection of a render that suits the quality of walls will surely embellish the beauty of the walls. Even a base render coat without any additional painting will give a good artistry look.

• Rendering Protects the walls from moisture: Most people suffer from a problem of damping of their houses. After a few years of construction, bricks get completely damped and which may cause the destruction of the house. Solving this issue, a correct selection of textured render finish will prevent bricks from damping and gives a bright appearance even in rainy season.

• Acts as an insulator to the walls: some may prefer to go with expensive insulation to protect their house from any kind of damping and thermal regulations. But, an economical textured render finish too will provide similar insulation as what the expensive ones give. It is better to consult experts while opting for a good render coat.

With the guidance and suggestions of experts, you can go with the choice of multiple renders like cement renders, lime renders, polymer renders, acrylic renders, Monocouche renders, and other insulating renders. There are a number of advantages of textured render finish.

Here Are Some Of The Factors To Keep In Mind While Going For A Render Finish Are:

A Finish With Flair: The Beauty Of Textured Render Finish-Textured Render Finish

Age of the building:

The choice of the render is completely based on the age of the building. Though, a render provides an alluring look to the walls of the office, house or bungalow, selecting, preparing and maintenance of the textured rendered finish needs to be considered.

Selecting the base material:

selecting a base material to get a perfect render texture finish depends upon a number of factors such as its quality, durability, exposure level etc.

A Finish With Flair: The Beauty Of Textured Render Finish

The most commonly used render for external walls is the cement render. It is often applied to the walls in two to four coatings. The final coating is applied thinly thus giving a shiny, bright and sparkling look to the house. Cement renders need regular painting if you need a continuous bright look. While the other renders can also be selected depending on the age of the building and the base material.

Finally, textured render finish changes the overall appearance of your walls that easily catches the attention of everyone. The render works as binding material that completely protects your house from various environmental factors like heavy rain, wind, and sunlight. Guards your external walls and damaged bricks with the selection of appropriate render coat. Transform and get it renewed by the experienced hands, so it holds an appealing look and let your house become a head turner.


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