A Glance At Your Career As A Fitness Trainer

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A Glance At Your Career As A Fitness Trainer

Fitness had never been such a craze as it is today. Every second person on the street visits a gym or goes for a walk every day. Given this huge eagerness to get fit and lose weight; fitness training has become one of the fastest booming careers in the present times. The demand for fitness professionals like; yoga instructors, aerobics instructors, or corporate and personal trainer are catapulting upwards with each passing day.

There was a time when personal trainers were solely used by athletes, for the purpose of excelling at their sport and for injury management. The scenario is totally different today. Now, people from all walks of life, be it a celebrity or a homemaker or a senior citizen, are hiring personal trainers. So that they can work out the right way, lose excess weight and stay fit and healthy. Here’s a glance at your career as a fitness trainer.

What is the work of a fitness trainer?

As a fitness trainer, you will be taking care of the different aspects of your clients’ physical fitness, and help them get in shape. You will coach them personally or in groups in various types of exercise routines like aerobics, weights, flexibility training, etc. You may also give them basic advice regarding food and nutrition so that it can become easier for them to lose or gain weight. Besides, you will also monitor their progress, and make sure that they are able to maintain their ideal weight once they reach it.

Your expertise should lie in designing unique fitness programs for different people with different requirements, keeping their lifestyle, age and health parameters in mind.

Fitness trainers are hired in gyms, fitness centres, health clubs, spas, hotels and resorts, and cruise-liners as well. Once you have gained quite some experience, you can choose to be self-dependent and open a fitness centre. Otherwise, you can also organize fitness programs for corporate employees, a phenomenon known as workplace wellness in large corporate houses. Companies are increasingly offering fitness facilities to their workers by building well-equipped gymnasiums in the office building, where you can get hired to instruct the employees on staying fit.

As the world of fitness encompasses several forms of workout like aerobics, weightlifting, kickboxing, karate, yoga, spin cycling, tai chi, pilates, kettle ball workout, etc. you can specialize in any one of these fields.

Educational qualification

If you want to become a fitness trainer, you need to have at least a high school degree. From that point on, the educational requirements vary from one employer to another. While some employers emphasize the experience, others want you to have a bachelor’s degree in the field of fitness or health.

Personal trainers first take their classes and then work with experienced trainers to learn more. Aspiring trainers can also get training on how to instruct at fitness classes, in order to equip themselves for jobs.

Other requirements

Most employers demand a certificate, simply because certified trainers appear to be more credible and dependable than a non-certified one. As the certificate adds so much to your credibility, make sure you get it from an affiliated institution.

Such a degree or diploma does not only teach you framed exercise routines but several other skills as well, that will be required in your profession, like customer service, speaking, listening, problem-solving, motivational skills, etc.

Growth in the career

A fitness instructor can become the manager of a fitness centre. However, for this, you will have to go through various stages like head-trainer, group instructor, group exercise director, etc.

The career of fitness trainers is expected to grow much more in the next few years. So, if you are a fitness enthusiast, you can easily join the bandwagon. All that you need to do is get started with a degree in the field.

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