A Guide: How to Strengthen Your Tour Operator Website

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A Guide: How to Strengthen Your Tour Operator Website

Your main goal when seeking to run a tour operator website is to drive bookings. If you aren’t able to achieve this, the long-term survival of your site will be called into question. Quite simply, a tour operator that can’t generate bookings and reservations isn’t doing its job!

In order to ensure that you don’t fall foul of anybody accusing your site of reserving their place on the excursions and activities that you offer, you’re going to need to strengthen your website. To find out how this can be achieved, be sure to read on. A guide: how to strengthen your tour operator website.

Be clear about what you offer


Your audience doesn’t have the time nor the patience to try to work out what specific tours you offer. So, you need to be clear about what it is you do as well as how you do it.

First and foremost, you need to generate headlines and subtitles that inform your audience about your services in 10 words or less. Anything more, and you’ll lose the interest and attention of your leads. You should then fill your homepage with these little tidbits of information, to ensure that your message is digested even by the passing audience.

As you move on with the rest of your website, you should seek to keep everything just as simple. To ensure this is the case, you need to:

  • Ensure that your site is easy to navigate
  • Make sure that your most popular tours are the first thing your audience sees
  • Remove any links or buttons that are distracting
  • Fill any empty space on your website with interesting photographs

Work on your SEO

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You are operating in an incredibly niche market, which means you’re not just going to attract general internet users. Everybody that accesses your site is going to do so because they are in need of the service that you provide. In order to find you, your audience is likely going to head straight to Google and type in keywords and phrases such as ‘excursions’ or ‘tour operator.’ To make sure that your website is the first one that they see when they conduct this kind of search, you have to improve your SEO efforts.

In this instance, the very best thing you can do is align yourself with a specialist in tourism SEO, such as Static Shift. With this kind of professional by your side, you will be able to tweak your website to ensure that it speaks to the travel market. Everything about your site, from the language that is used on it to the photographs that are uploaded to it, will be centred around the tourism industry. The end result? Your website will find itself popping up in the right places, on the right devices, at the right times.

In order to truly strengthen your tour operator website and make sure it speaks to the travel industry, you have to put the advice laid out above into practice. Be clear with what you offer and work on your SEO – when you do, you’ll be sure to take more bookings than ever before.

Caitlyn Knuth

This is Caitlyn Knuth from Vancouver, Canada. I am a teacher, traveler, and story writer.

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