A Guide – Making Your Backyard Safer & More Private

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A Guide – Making Your Backyard Safer & More Private

Imagine the luxury of kicking back in your gorgeous garden while the sun is out and your kids are quietly playing. All of a sudden, you hear your neighbour mowing the lawn. Your other neighbour is having a party on their deck with a clear view of your yard. There’s no way you can relax when you feel on display and hear everything that’s happening in your neighbourhood.

Since house plots are smaller and closer together than ever and the demand for outdoor features is skyrocketing; privacy is a true luxury. Boosting privacy is not just about preventing prying eyes from looking into your property. You might want to shield your kid from seeing your neighbour sunbathing in his speedos, or block the sound of them arguing about politics. If you want extra privacy in your yard, continue reading for practical solutions. A guide – making your backyard safer & more private.

Lattices, panels, and ornamental ironwork

Privacy screens made from wood panels, lattice, or various ornamental ironwork; can be easily used to enclose a corner or create a structure that will protect you from unwanted views. If you want to achieve maximum flexibility, plant posts end in planters with wheels. Anchor them with concrete plugs; so you can have them firmly in one place one second and easily move them and open up space.

Sturdy fences

The best, most cost-effective, and practical way to secure your backyard; is to opt for a strong, durable, and attractive fence. Luckily, these are easy to come by, especially with a good fencing supplier up your sleeve. Experts can handle everything from preparing foundations to installation and finishing details; all you need to do is opt for materials and design that fits your space. For the best security, Colourbond fences are the best. They offer a maximum view and sound insulation yet match well with any landscaping.


A Guide - Making Your Backyard Safer & More Private

One of the most effective and rewarding ways to boost privacy in your outdoor space; is to build an enclosure around your most precious areas like patios, outdoor kitchens, and decks. With an enclosure, you can create an intimate yet airy feeling—you can feel protected while still enjoying the outdoors. Most enclosures take the shape of a wooden pergola suitable for climbing vines that additionally boost privacy. Prefabricated iron gazebos are also suitable; since they can be set in your desired area and surrounded by plants and hanging art to improve privacy.


If you want a solution that’s fast and easy to DIY, try curtains and surround your enclosure. This solution is cheap, yet it offers results that are flexible and suitable for warm summer days and nights. Outdoor fabrics are your best bet; since they will manage to resist the elements and stay beautiful and flowy for years. When you want improved airflow, just pull your curtains aside and you’ll have great open space.

Privacy hedges

If you have some time until you want to use your yard, landscaping can be the most beautiful way to ensure privacy in your space. Some hedges can provide you with year-round screening that also doesn’t require any municipal permission. If you’re tight with space, you can replace hedges with fast-growing evergreen trees like Italian cypress and arborvitae. Sheared private hedges are also a great way to separate zones and block unwanted sights.

Layered greenery

A Guide - Making Your Backyard Safer & More Private

Large yards can benefit from a planted mix of trees, shrubs, and perennials; that will create a full and layered look. Group your greenery in odd numbers, you’ll get a natural vibe that will also turn your yard into a safe oasis. Keep taller evergreens at the back and gradually reduce height with deciduous plants to get texture, depth, and colour.

Water features

Water features offer a different kind of privacy and protection—protection from unwanted sounds. Traffic, AC, neighbours, and other sounds can be very disruptive when you’re trying to relax in your outdoor space. So, a pleasant white noise of water can mask these sounds and replace them with something relaxing. It can also keep your conversations safe from prying ears. You have many water feature options at your disposal, from table-top units to full-on cascading waterfalls.

With these privacy solutions, your backyard will be completely protected from unwanted views and sounds and supplied with an extra layer of security from intruders. Plus, their aesthetic appeal will encourage you to spend even more time outside—it’s a win-win situation.


Chloe is a graduated journalist from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator.

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