A Neuroscientist Explains How Mindfulness Can Help With Anxiety

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A Neuroscientist Explains How Mindfulness Can Help With Anxiety

Anxiety is one element of mental health that a great number of people struggle with. Sam Harris, a neuroscientist, explains how mindfulness can help with anxiety.

Like many people, I suffer from anxiety and hate the thought of having to manage my anxiety by taking tablets. Medicating is my last option.

Sam Harris starts this amazing video explaining that yes there is a number of different medications that can be prescribed. Especially in cases where the effects of anxiety interfere with the quality of life. If anxiety is really crippling drugs play an important role.

However, later, on the video, he explains that alternatively, there is another way to manage anxiety – on the line of cognitive behaviour therapy. So, you expose yourself in manageable ways to the things that provoke the anxiety and you reframe them conceptually. That is, you become open to feeling the effects of anxiety and realise you get through it.

He continues to say that there is certainly a role for meditation and mindfulness to play in this part of the process.

If you do struggle with anxiety you need to watch this is a great 8-minute video; that might help you with managing your anxiety.

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