A New Way To Wear Shoes.

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A New Way To Wear Shoes.

A new way to wear shoes by ShiftWear, is this the future of footwear?

ShiftWear sneakers, gives users creative control over the designs of their sneakers appearance. Users can instantly display on their sneakers the design they find online or create their own design using an app in their smartphones. ShiftWear sneakers have HD displays that are visible in daylight. Have Eco-friendly batteries that charge with every step you take. They are waterproof and completely machinable washable.


If it is on a digital screen you can get it on these sneakers. Browse and when you find something you like, just press the button to download, and instantly – the design is right there on your shoes.

Why let a handful of designers at big corporate shoe manufacturers decide what the next look is? Now you can decide what your next look is. At the press of a button you can download a design, and instantly – the design is right there on your shoes. Choose an design or animation that completes your outfit. Sound too good to be true?

Watch this short video to see how it works.

You will soon be able to wear sneakers that are as unique as you are. This is a campaign worth supporting. You can pre-order your pair and help start a trend.

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