A study says wine drinkers are better in bed

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A study says wine drinkers are better in bed

We are constantly being bombarded on the internet with information telling us on how to be better in the sack. Go slow, go down, use these positions, do that and do this. Ugh! Who is right? From all the advice out there a 2009 Italian study has our full backing. A study says wine drinkers are better in bed. All you need to be better in bed is enjoy a couple of glasses of vino. YAY.

According to the study conducted by the University of Florence in Italy, women who drink two glasses of wine a day are not only better in bed, but they are also more satisfied than those who do not drink wine. We should trust the Italians because they know how to woo the fairer sex.

The researchers surveyed 798 women, aged 18-50, asking about their sexual satisfaction using a questionnaire called the Female Sexual Function Index.

The study’s findings concluded that regular moderate intake of red wine is associated with higher FSFI scores for both sexual desire, lubrication, and overall sexual function as compared to the teetotaller status is intriguing.

However, this finding needs to be interpreted with some caution, because of the small sample size, self‐reported data, and the lack of support from laboratory exams, it nevertheless suggests a potential relationship between red wine consumption and better sexuality.

As the lead author, Dr. Nicola Mondaini said: ” Historically, the aspect of wine and sexuality have been well known since the time of Ancient Greece.”

Conclusion, moderate consumption can heat things up in bed, but too much will lose its effect and send you lady love hurling into a bin…


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