Absolute Musts For Your New Home

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Absolute Musts For Your New Home

How to live the first months with comfort if the new apartment is not fully furnished yet? This question worries many buyers, especially if they are going to move for the first time in their lives.

We will give you a hint. Oversized cabinets, kitchen units and TV can wait a bit. We will tell you what things you need to buy first in a new apartment or home to make it comfortable and cosy. Absolute musts for your new home.

The minimum set of furniture

It’s good if you already have it. If not, then completely equipping a new apartment with furniture and appliances is quite problematic. Especially if you have been renting a house for a long time and paying a mortgage. How to proceed in this case? Give preference to a minimal set of multi-functional furniture.


A comfortable sofa will be able to serve you for the first time both as a sleeping place and for receiving guests who congratulate you on your new home. Pay attention to the unfolded width and material.

Don’t want to fold and unfold the sofa all the time to sit? Buy a pair of frameless chairs. They are inexpensive and convenient to use.


Perhaps, at first, the dining table will also be working. Opt for a sliding table that can be resized as needed.


If you have wardrobes, great! Use them for now. If not, then you will have to spend money on a good wardrobe or dressing room equipment. A new apartment should have a well-thought-out storage system. Otherwise, you will be forced to live in boxes and suitcases.

Necessary household appliances

In a new apartment, you will need equipment. If a built-in kitchen or fully equipped laundry is still on your plans, choose the simpler and cheaper models.


You will eat. That’s for sure. Even if you don’t cook, there will still be food in the house that needs to be stored somewhere. Therefore, the refrigerator must be purchased first.

Multi-cooker and microwave

If in the near future you plan to order a kitchen with a modern hob and oven, then do not spend money on an ordinary stove. Start with a multi cooker. It has many modes, so you can cook, stew, and fry.

In addition, it does not require a stationary space. In a multi-cooker, you can cook lunch even on the windowsill, and in the microwave, you can warm it up the next day. Regular models are not that expensive and are guaranteed to come in handy more than once.

Washing machine

Something that is not worth saving on. Think in advance where the washing machine will stand, and immediately buy a good one. This is an essential technique, you can’t do without it. Modern models take good care of things, water, and electricity, which means they help to save.

Iron and ironing board

Comes with a washing machine. An iron is preferable to a steamer, the second can be purchased later as an add-on. But it is better to buy a board right away so that you don’t have to iron on the table or on a new sofa.

Vacuum cleaner

Moving and minor repairs always mean garbage and dust, and also smells from paint and detergents. This means that you will have many reasons to start cleaning. Do not skimp on a good vacuum cleaner.

In addition, buy a good mop, bucket, cleaning cloths and sponges, rubber gloves, and any cleaning supplies you need. Nobody cancelled wet cleaning.

Lamps and floor lamps

That’s what everyone forgets! Many new settlers move from rented apartments to new buildings with their own refrigerators and washing machines. But, as a rule, they do not have their own lamps.

If you don’t want to live with one light bulb on your ceiling, consider purchasing multiple portable light sources. A table lamp, if you work from home, night light and a floor lamp will help you comfortably equip your new apartment and not run to the switch.

Take care of your safety

The following essentials have nothing to do with each other, except for one thing – they are responsible for your safety.

A door

In most new buildings it is already installed. But in some houses, developers use the simplest designs. Make sure the door to your new apartment is secure enough. If not, replace it with a new one that meets safety requirements. The door and locks are something that you do not need to save on. Also, don’t forget about the doormat! Find an interesting and unique one in Mat Shop and impress your guests in your new home.

First aid kit

Take it out of the boxes right after you move. If you don’t have a first aid kit, buy all the medicines you need. Be sure to add antiseptics, wound care products, patches, bandages and ointments for bruises and sprains. Moving and repairs are often accompanied by unpleasant household injuries.


Hanging curtains, twisting light bulbs, or assembling furniture is safer on a good ladder than on a dubious stool. Take care of yourself and don’t take unnecessary risks.

Fire extinguisher

There must be at least one fire extinguisher in the house – keep it in the kitchen, garage or closet. If your house or apartment has more than one floor, then one fire extinguisher should be on each floor. We hope you’ll never need it.


Any move is easier when there is a list, right? Buying your own home has always been considered a very joyful and long-awaited thing. And it doesn’t matter whether the apartment is bought or rented. Each newcomer wants to make his personal corner comfortable and cosy because every little thing matters for your comfort and convenience.

Alexis Walker

Alexis is a Sydney-based part-time lifestyle writer and a full-time mom of two. Her words carry the richness of her travelling and parenting adventures.

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