How to Add a Dose of Luxury to Your Business

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How to Add a Dose of Luxury to Your Business

What’s luxury? By definition, it is something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary. We live in a world where luxury is important, and where people love working with companies they consider to be luxurious. If you want to add a dose of luxury to your brand and you want it to be recognised as one of the brands that are a must-have in the world of people who love spending money. Here’s what you should do.

A-way-of-life strategy

How to Add a Dose of Luxury to Your Business

What comes to your mind when you read Ferrari? Probably these four things – red colour, speed, luxury, daredevil. Let’s now try that with Harley-Davidson. You’re probably thinking about freedom, the wind running through someone’s hair, an open road, and endless possibilities.

That means that these companies have successfully marketed themselves as “a-way-of-life companies”. They’re connected with people on an emotional level, and they offer something unique. That’s exactly what you should do with your brand. Make a product and market it as something greater than life itself, and once you achieve this, you’ll stay in your customers’ minds for a long time.


There’s no luxury without exclusivity; they simply go hand in hand. A large number of companies who sell and make luxury products stay in business because of their exclusivity. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to market your product to everyone. Au contraire. Exclusive and luxury products should be coveted by many and owned by the few. The easiest way to make your product or brand seem exclusive is to make it pricey.

Keep in mind that your product needs to be absolutely perfect since people who live luxuriously won’t forget to tell their friends that your company is advertising falsely, and that can ruin your business. Make a great product and deliver on your promise.

Go above and beyond

You might think that offering your product and marketing it online and on billboards is enough, but it’s not, especially if you’re looking to develop a luxurious brand. Offer your potential customers something unique and different. How can you do this? It’s easy, really!

If your business is based in the Land Down Under, impress your clients by sending chauffeured limos to pick them up from the airport or the hotel. Do this every time they want to do business with you, and you’ll make them feel special and appreciated. Not all chauffeurs in Sydney or Melbourne are the same, so be careful when choosing a car rental company to work with.

Brand ambassadors

How to Add a Dose of Luxury to Your Business

Your staff should be much more than just staff. Empower all your employees to be powerful brand ambassadors. Work with them, talk to them, and connect them to your brand in numerous ways. By doing that, you’ll turn your aspirations into reality. Keep your employees happy, and they will tell everyone about your company and your products.

Word-of-mouth marketing strategy is still the best marketing strategy in the world, and you should exploit that fact. Every man or woman on this planet is your potential client; they just don’t know it yet.

Establish a myth

The less you reveal, the more will people be intrigued. Not everyone has to know how your product is made, but they need to wonder how and why it is made. Everyone loves a mystery. Hide as much as you can about the process of making your product and offer tours of your company only to a select few.

Tailor your message and price to your product. Be mysterious, be unique, but never forget one important thing – your product actually has to be useful. Companies that focus only on the vanity of potential customers tend to go out of business quickly.

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