Advantages & Drawbacks Of Billboard Advertising In Melbourne

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Advantages & Drawbacks Of Billboard Advertising In Melbourne

The success of any business cannot probably be thought of without advertisement. Billboard advertising is a large outdoor advertising structure put along high traffic roadside. It is also known as the hoarding board. As a medium of advertisement, they reach to the mass. Reaching locals who live, work, commute and socialize. Although the advertisements’ materials remain in view of the pedestrians or drivers for a few seconds or minutes; the mental imprint is more significant and more prolonged than ever. Let’s look at the advantages & drawbacks of billboard advertising in Melbourne.

Advantages of Billboard Advertising

1. The towering structures

Of length, x width x height make an imposing frontal effect on the confronter. The key messages conveyed through eye-catching graphics remain in mental eyes for quite some time.

2. Continuous exposure

The advertising materials are continuously displayed for seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

3. Continuous audience

You get a guaranteed audience and a consistently repeated one. Every repeated view of the billboard advertising in Melbourne adds to a new batch of buyers.

4. Increased consumer engagement

Outdoor advertising is continuously evolving, tending to enjoy an edge over other media advertisers. They are, therefore, working closely with established brands to incorporate social media and interactive strategies for increasing consumer engagement.

5. Tailor-made structures

There are the least worries for installation. There are professional companies that have earmarked locations under their possession. They charge different rates according to the marketing exposure to that area. They have tailor-made steel structures on which the advertising materials can be put for public display.

6. Quantum of viewership

The very concept of billboard advertising is that the quantum of viewership increases with time. Slowly and gradually, slight seeing changes to deeper thinking, supported by a will to buy by sparing a part of your money.

7. Strong visual effect

The digital photographic information creates a strong visual effect and a life-like feeling. A small object magnified many times, creates a psychopathic atmosphere for possessing it.

8. Less selling and advertising cos

Middle and upper-class audiences are targeted with less selling and advertising cost

9. An effective way of advertising

As it is the improved and effective way of advertising, setting up hoarding and billing board add to the product image and company reputation.

10. Confirmed buyer

Accidental and unintentional encounter with a challenging prospect, turn into a confirmed buyer.

11. Established products

Awareness advertising; unknown products get introduced to new customers, and established products draw more customers.

Prospect of sponsorship; either your company can be sponsored by another reputed company, or you can sponsor another company. This will help in the sharing of advertisement costs.

Disadvantages of Billboard Advertising!

1. Higher Cost-Exposure Ratio

The one-time cost investment is too high, whereas the billboard remains exposed for a brief period. The actual benefit may be reaped over a more extended period in the case of outdoor advertising Melbourne.

2. Obstruction on Traffic Visibility

The billboards are put on such a great height that it may prevent the sight of drivers. There may also be a psychological distraction for eye-catching graphics that may lead to accidents.

3. Weather and Vandalism

The supporting structures made of Mild steel may lead to weakening due to rusting (atmospheric oxygen reacting with iron to form ferric oxide). The advertising matter may be printed on cloth affixed on the steel structure. This is susceptible to damage due to the sun and rain.

4. Lack of Feedback

In other modes of advertisement, the feedback received bits of help in formulating marketing strategies based on market-based data, particularly concerning your competitors.

5. Stationary Mode of Advertising

Stationary implies that the intended advertising materials reach a lower number of people. It is a matter of chance to pass through the billboard and know about it.

The advantages and disadvantages are the two sides of the same coin. Therefore, billboard advertisements flood the open space areas of metros and cities.


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