Agent Provocateur – celebrates the athletic female form

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Agent Provocateur – celebrates the athletic female form

Agent Provocateur released a new ad campaign, showcasing elite athletes in sexy lingerie. The brand celebrates the athletic female form.

It features four high-achieving sportswomen and Olympians in action wearing lingerie. The Canadian pole-vaulter Alysha Newman, the American climber Sasha DiGiulian, the British gymnast Georgia-Mae Fenton and the American hurdler and sprinter Queen Harrison Claye.

According to Sarah Shotton, the creative director of Agent Provocateur, the goal of the campaign was “to hero” a different kind of body.

Women’s bodies suffer a lack of representation and as Ms Harrison Claye, the hurdler, said:

“A lot of times, as an elite athlete I feel we are told we are powerful but not feminine, …So to have a brand celebrate a physique like mine spoke volumes to me. Because to me, my strength is my femininity. They don’t exist on either side of a divide.”

Check out the campaign video below.

Being feminine is being true to yourself, shape, size and weight do not define femininity.

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