All You Need To Know About Exercise Groups For Nordic Pole Walking

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All You Need To Know About Exercise Groups For Nordic Pole Walking

It is important to stay fit. Though not all of us are suited to go to a gym on a regular basis. The good news is that walking is a very good exercise and is the best way to remain fit. This is the most common form of exercise that is often overlooked by many. A brisk walk can help build stamina and even burn calories and is also good for the heart. Ever heard of  Nordic pole walking? Here is all you need to know about exercise groups for Nordic Pole walking.

Nordic Pole Walking is also a very good way of staying fit. Special exercise groups are organized in several cities for those interested in such events. These are special events where the main purpose is improving health, wellness, and fitness. It is a fairly low-impact exercise and hence is suitable for people of all ages and fitness level.

These walking poles are also known as trekking poles in Australia and are a common accessory for those hiking on rough terrain. It resembles a ski pole and shares several common characteristics with it as well. This article describes the benefits of pole walking.  the exercise groups that encourage people to practice Nordic walking in Brisbane.

Benefits Of Nordic Pole Walking

  • Helps exercise and activate over 90% of the body muscles.
  • It is highly beneficial for those seeking a good cardiovascular workout since it is approximately 25% more effective than regular walking.
  • This is one of the most effective exercises for those who wish to burn calories. It is believed to burn 46% more calories.
  • There is minimal impact on the lower body joints.
  • Helps strengthen and tone the upper back and shoulders and at the same time is not a very intense workout with a lot of exertion.
  • Beneficial to the spine by increasing lateral mobility.
  • Help reduce muscular tension and pain, especially in the neck, shoulder and upper back.
  • Improves posture by ensuring it is more balanced and upright.
  • Very effective in solving mood fluctuation, helping people recover from a state of depression and a good method of stress relief.
  • It forces the use of muscles of the upper body as well as the legs.
  • The poles aid the walker and lessen the strain, but at the same time make the muscles work more.

Pole Walking Exercise Groups

Nordic Pole Walking exercise groups are organized at many places around Australia. These events tend to be free, but are a good opportunity to engage pole walking with professional instructions and detailed information.

Pole walking exercise groups are organized by several organizations and can be for many different purposes. These walks usually start from places like the local shopping centre, recreational centre, beach, library, park, and several other places. Such walks can be for the purpose of getting fit, for recreational purposes, educational or simply a charity walk.

Such groups often choose normal paths and routes that often used by many for the purpose of walking or jogging. This can be sand, gravel or asphalt path on either a flat or hilly terrain. The walks are usually not very long either.

Nordic walking exercise groups are organized for people of all age groups since it is easy and does not have a steep learning curve. One does not have to be very fit to be a part of this activity group either since the level of exertion is usually very low. Such group activity is more of a social experience and less of an exerting event. At the same time, it does help one flex a wide range of body muscles to cover almost every muscle in the body.

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