The Amazing Things That Happen When Women Ovulate

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The Amazing Things That Happen When Women Ovulate

The amazing female body is beautiful in form and admired by both men and women for its beautiful, soft and curvaceous shape. Throughout history countless artists, photographers, and poets have revere the female figure.

With all its beauty there remains a mystery around the female body that has remained cloaked and hushed so it seemed– ovulation and menstrual cycle.

For a long time, scientists thought women had concealed ovulation and menstrual cycle quite successfully, but as it turns out there are many telltale signs, some more apparent than others, that broadcast the female ovulation and menstrual cycle.

The female body unwittingly sends a lot of signals about ovulation cycle. Some you probably have picked up on and others you were totally unaware of. Here’s a list that will make these signs clearer.

1. You look more attractive to the opposite sex.

Apparently, on a subliminal level, men and women can actually detect ovulating women, and find them more attractive, in scent, sound and looks. Wow! It definitely can only be explained as an evolutionary trait for the survival of our species. How it all happens is still not very clear. But that it does happen has been conclusively established on one famous study that found men rated the smell of ovulating women’s sweat, sweeter and more attractive than that of non-ovulating ones. Another interesting study paired photographs and voice recordings of women across their menstrual cycles and showed them to men, who, once more, rated women who were ovulating as more attractive.

2. Your face may get redder

According to a study released in Science, women blush more during ovulation, but not enough to be able to tell with the naked eye. Possibly a result of the female body temperature being high during ovulation, shame it’s no obvious enough for the rest to pick up on it

3. Dogs sniff you more

Our smell becomes more obvious to men, but it turns out that animals such as dogs are very perceptive of it too. Reason why dogs come sniffing you during that time which can get a bit embarrassing.

Another interesting fact worth mentioning here is that dogs’ sense of smell is that acute that they are able to smell ovarian cancer at early stages. They are truly amazing creatures.

 4. You might feel more frisky

Evolutionarily, it makes sense that a woman’s libido goes up during ovulation, when they are most fertile. During ovulation women may be more likely to buy and wear sexier clothing. It’s not an untended behaviour but one that happens subconsciously, almost like a baby making ritual.

5. Your partners get more possessive

The same study also showed that the tendency to ornament makes our partners more anxious and therefore keeping a closer look and sticking around closer, possibly picking up on the signals their women are putting out. Their women are in reproductive mode and are on the look out for suitable takers.

6. Your senses are heightened.

A few fertility signs of ovulation are obvious; women voices are a bit higher as a result to the hormonal shifts, and hips sway more when we walk. Both are sexy signs to allude to the ready stage of copulating. But our sense of smell sharpens when we’re fertile, but why?

The reason why this happens is not fully understood yet; maybe it makes women better judges of their suitors. Maybe women like the leading lady in Species have a heightened sense of smell so they can detect disease. Mind boggles!

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