Amazing Watermelon Cutting Skills

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Amazing Watermelon Cutting Skills

Watermelon is probably everybody’s favourite fruit, especially in summer. It’s fresh, juicy and so tasty! Cutting it is definitely a challenge. It’s hard work and messy.

Watch this guy slice through a watermelon in 21 seconds like a pro, witness amazing watermelon cutting skills. I want him over when I have my next BBQ party.

He makes it all look so easy, doing away with the tough green skin and saving all the red, juicy bit of the melon. It is obvious this guy has been around sharp knives his whole life.

Watermelon is not the only fruit that is delicious and simply difficult to slice; mangoes are another fruit that turn out to be challenging and here’s how to peel a mango easily and quickly.

If you are thinking of giving this amazing watermelon cutting skills a go at home, proceed with extreme caution and take your time going at it. This guy has probably been practicing his cutting skills for some time now.


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