Another Woman Strips Down In Public For Self-Acceptance

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Another Woman Strips Down In Public For Self-Acceptance

Almost a month later another brave woman strips down in public for self-acceptance. This public act of self-acceptance aims to get people to question the true relationship that they have to themselves and body-image.

Inspired by a project by The Liberators International in Australia, Amy Pence-Brown decided to go out of her own comfort zone and bring self-love to the States in a viral video.

Amy wrote in her blog,” How would it be received if the woman had been less socially acceptable in appearance, like, fat? And, say, a mom who’s nearly 40-years-old?”

She took action and decided to spread self-love message by going to a very busy marketplace and take her clothes off in public, blindfold herself, and ask strangers to draw hearts on her body.

In addition she placed a sign in front of her that read; “I’m standing for anyone who has struggled with a self-esteem issue like me, because all bodies are valuable. To support self-acceptance, draw a love heart on my body.”

The reaction was positive with people writing some of the compliments like “Badass,” “Love,” “Strong,” “Thank You,” “You are beautiful,” and “Stand strong.” Strangers even gave her hugs and kisses and thank her for being so brave.

You can read her whole story on her blog Doin’ It All, Idaho Style

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