Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Guide to Blowing Stuff Up

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Guide to Blowing Stuff Up


Watch Arnie is doing what he does best in this brilliant video that is appropriately titled Arnold’s Guide to Blowing Sh*t Up. Arnie is publicly inviting people to Blow Sh*t up with him in L.A. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s guide to blowing stuff up owe to be trusted because he’s got his movies to vouch for him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man’s man, as depicted in this video, he drives a tank over cars, explodes crates, and fires rocket launchers. To conclude,in Arnie true style,  it includes the iconic walking away from the explosion shot whilst smoking a cigar.

Arnie is now taking things to a whole new level, by introducing this how-to Guide to blow things up. And what a guide it is! Since, ‘Cool guys don’t look at explosions!’

Arnold has to be one of the The Coolest Man Alive, and has not only won over the hearts of women, but of Men as well. Maybe not all men …. Everyone except his neighbour, according to this video.

If you’re sitting there thinking: “I would gladly pay $10 to see an action flick where Arnold just goes around wreaking havoc, senselessly blowing shit up and spouting one-liners without any semblance of plot. ” .  Then why not enter the competition that is still running to blow sh*t up with  Arnold.

Remember every $10 entry benefits After-School All-Stars and puts you in the running to win a trip to LA, including flights, a 4-star hotel, and a day of blowing stuff up with Arnold.


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